Louisville, Kentucky says, "Buh Bye" to a Confederate monument...

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Awww. That's too bad. Via the Courier-Journal:

“After months of controversy, a protracted legal battle and yet another last-minute court challenge, a construction crew early Saturday began dismantling a 121-year-old Confederate monument on Third Street in front of the University of Louisville campus.
The monument, given to Louisville in 1895 to commemorate Kentuckians who died in the Civil War, had triggered a fierce debate in the community over whether it should be removed as a symbol of slavery or whether it should be retained for its historical value.
Under an agreement approved by Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer, the monument will be relocated to Brandenburg, Ky., a small, Ohio River town about 45 miles away, which wants to use it as part of Civil War re-enactment events. 
Metro Council member David James, whose district includes the monument, was one of the few spectators who arrived on a chilly, overcast morning to watch it be dismantled. 
James, who is African-American, said he's not sorry.
"I'm personally glad to see it go," he said. "To me, it's a vestige of the Civil War, of slavery, of all things that represent oppression to people of color.””

The article adds this little nugget:

Brennan Callan. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

“A last-minute legal challenge filed Friday in U.S. District Court failed to stop the removal. 
The lawsuit was filed by Brennan Callan, a Louisville man best known for his 1999 federal conviction for attempting to sink the Belle of Louisville, causing significant damage to the historic steamboat. Callan sought an injunction to block removal of the monument.
On Saturday, U.S. District Judge Thomas Russell denied Callan's request.”

Page one of a criminal complaint against Brennan Callan, who filed an lawsuit to
stop the removal of a Confederate monument in Louisville. (Image courtesy of the
United States District Courts)

Restoring the honor!


  1. How fitting, a guy who tried to destroy a historic relic, files a lawsuit to stop the removal of a historic relic. Priceless!

  2. Hopefully, the new place will be more appropriate. Hopefully, these re-enactors will be more accurate and honest than those featured in that episode of Vice Does America...


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