Last of 8 Mississippi public universities furls the Mississippi State flag...

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"JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — The last of Mississippi's eight public universities has stopped displaying the state flag that prominently features the Confederate battle emblem.
Delta State University President Bill LaForge announced the decision Thursday. He said the university acted because state government hasn't moved to change the flag. The university called for a different state banner in 2015, and LaForge said again Thursday that Mississippi needs a flag symbolizing unity, not divisiveness.
"It is — in reality or perception — a barrier to progress," LaForge told The Associated Press in a phone interview.
He said university police lowered the sole state flag on campus at the close of business Thursday and brought it to his office; from there, it will go to university archives. Delta State flew it alongside large American and university flags at one end of its main quadrangle in Cleveland, facing a state highway."

Queen - Another One Bites The Dust

Restoring the honor!


  1. Gonna make it all the sweeter when all the flags go back up....

    1. They're not going back up, they're going to the museums where they belong. Relics of a bygone era. Soon, Confederate Heritage will be just a memory as well, as the elders die off from old age.

  2. And who is going to make them do that?

    1. Chastain's going to close her eyes and count to three. It will be magic. Then we'll have "Sweet Southern Boys II: Flagboys in Mississippi."


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