If the Flaggers cancel their MLK Day event it proves that it was nothing more than a failed publicity stunt...

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The Virginia Flaggers have proven time and time again, through their childish behavior and massive public hissyfits that Confederate Heritage isn't really what they are all about. Why should now be any different? No one knows what the Flaggers have planned in Lexington on MLK Day weekend, because they can't make their minds up, but one thing is for sure, if they cancel their event, it proves that they really weren't serious about it in the first place. Oh yeah, we know how much hand wringing is going on behind the scenes over all of this, but the Flaggers have no one to blame but themselves. Public perception of them is going to take a MASSIVE hit in the wake of this MAJOR FAIL!

Restoring the honor!


  1. I should have spelled it out better in the post (but I was under a time crunch to get out the door) but I'm referring to the January 16th event (actual observance of MLK Day event that they applied for). I'm fairly confident that the Flaggers and a whole bunch of other groups will be there on Friday and Saturday. If I had to guess, the SCV will hold their event the following weekend, which means that this giant ball of FAIL will pretty much fall squarely on the VA Flaggers. If the City Council denies their application, that's one thing, but we will be checking, and if the Flaggers cancel on their own outright, it proves that they only did this to be vindictive.

  2. I'm curious as to what, exactly, makes C.A.R.E. an "extremist group." I recall the ideological ancestors of this bunch using that same characterization for Martin Luther King back in the day.

    1. Such a great point. Absolutely nothing. The Flaggers offer nothing in the way of proof that they are extremists in any way. Every bit of communication I have seen from this group is calm, polite, and expressing the ideals of non-violent protest, peace and inclusion, which are apparently all bad things to the Flaggers. This is precisely why they are making fools of themselves and defining who they are.

    2. The Flaggers consider a call for human equality to be radical. Understandable given their embrace of white supremacists.

    3. The Flaggers now say they are planning four fun-filled days of hate. Can't wait for epic media FAILS!


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