History Always Repeats: Daily Caller Deputy Editor Scott Greer tweets, "If only they had had safety pins when the Nazis took over..."

A recent tweet from Daily Caller Deputy Editor Scott Greer. (Image courtesy of Twitter)

The America we knew yesterday is not the same America that will be tomorrow. We are rapidly moving in a very dark direction. History always repeats folks. Now, more than ever, we need our historians to remind us every step of the way of the mistakes that are being repeated. How long will it be before the United States needs to be liberated by an Allied force? You laugh now...

(Image courtesy of Twitter)

Folks, someone just reminded me that the Daily Caller was founded by Tucker Carlson.


Scott Greer, Devin Saucier and the Wolves of Vinland in Lynchburg, Virginia. (Image courtesy of Overthrowdotcom)

The folks over at Overthrowdotcom have a pretty detailed piece up about Mr. Greer and all of his connections and beliefs, including a link to this article penned by Greer in defense of the Confederate rag.

Restoring the honor!


  1. You've been mighty quiet since the election. You spent lots of space, and presumably time, posting pics of a National Front rally (how many people have ever even heard of the National Front?). But you've been ignoring the violence and lawlessness on the left, all over the country.

    Riots, laughably called "protests" in the leftist media ...numerous calls for Trump's assassination on Twitter. David Brooks projected one of three futures for Trump -- resignation, impeachment or assassination... Soros paying thugs to protest. Threats to disrupt the Inaugural by the Socialist Alternative. Rioter in front of Trump tower carrying a big sign that says "Rape Melania."

    When it comes to hate and violence, these racists you're so obsessed with are like kindergarteners on cookie and juice breaks compared to the leftists on whose side you line up. Their hatred is violent and boundless. You are ignoring them, because you are on their side, meaning all your bloviating about "hate" is so much pablum.

    1. 1) What you take as mybeing quiet is actually a product of two things, my busy personal life over the last week and my concentration on identifying the Nazis at this rally which I've just concluded and will be following up on as soon as time allows.

      The election was a major disappointment, but life will go on. Personally, I'm not going to waste time wallowing over the Lefts loss, I'm going forward on the important work of exposing racists.

      As far as the reaction to Trump, I'm not obligated to answer for others behavior. There's been no change in my position, I personally advocate non-violence and peaceful protest. Therefore, if there are people on the Left doing the opposite of what I advocate, then obviously I condemn that type of behavior. I don't need to say anymore about it.

      2) Much of what you claim, you offer no proof of, for example Soros paying the protestors. Offer some proof. The "Rape Melania" sign, was that proven to be a Leftist? You tell me, because I saw a blurb about it, but I didn't read it. Unless it's proven one way or another, I don't make assumptions.

      3) I'm not ignoring anything. You're more than capable of talking about whatever you find important on your own blogs, and I'll talk about whatever I want on mine. If you don't like it, you know what you can do.


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