Hate Not Heritage: The Virginia Flaggers say that they are slated to honor the Confederacy on Martin Luther King Jr. Day...

(Images courtesy of Facebook)

Folks, would you expect anything else of the Flaggers? They wrote the book on being deplorable. 

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Well, at least their followers have this all figured out. Did anyone else notice that the post was signed by Grayson Jennings, and NOT be the Flaggers cowardly leader? What's wrong Susan? Too skeered to own it?

Restoring the honor!


  1. The amusing thing about this announcement is that the Flaggers original knee-jerk reaction was to rally on the same days as the anti-racists (January 13th & 14th).


    "In the meantime, we encourage all supporters of Confederate heritage to set aside the dates of Friday, January 13th and Saturday, January 14th and make plans to make your way to Lexington, Virginia either or both days. Stay tuned for more details, but we are already working on plans to make this Lee-Jackson weekend bigger and better than ever."

    But then, we found out that the white power crowd was planning on rallying that day as well.



    Rather than be upstaged by white power freaks, the Flaggers thought they would one-up them by going even further then they were willing to do by squatting on a Holiday dedicated to a slain Civil Rights leader.

  2. Let the flaggers march on MLK Day. It will be hilarious. They will be putting the exclamation point on their total ignorance and confirming their racism.

  3. Jacob, how can you have been stalking this group all this time and not know that Grayson and Barry have been press contacts for YEARS?

    1. You are the worlds worst propagandist. The truth is, Susan is simply too skeered to answer questions herself. Y'all have built a cocoon around her.

      Isn't it ironic folks that Chastain is here to argue over a group advocating inclusion, diversity and anti-racism, while the Flaggers appear to be getting ready to make fools of themselves by marching with hate flags on MLK Day. That's a headline that's already written itself. I for one, cannot wait.

    2. You can't say that's the truth, because you can't know that. You are giving your opinion, shaped by your hate. That's why you think the flag is a hate flag, because you look at it through your hate-colored perception.

      Now, tell us how you learned to read minds. Tell us where you took your telepathy lessons, and who your "instructors" were. And then fall down and kick the floor because nobody believes you. Nothing you say about the Virginia Flaggers tells us ANYthing about them, but it gives us a stark and sobering look at YOU -- your desires, motives and methods...

    3. Oh, btw, I'm not impressed with your claim that the group you're talking about advocates inclusion, diversity and anti-racism. That's what leftist groups put out for public consumption... that's not what they really want. They got the parade permit to create confrontation and conflict and just cause trouble (see, I can read minds, too, only I'm right, and you're not).

  4. "Nothing you say about the Virginia Flaggers tells us ANYthing about them, but it gives us a stark and sobering look at YOU -- your desires, motives and methods..."

    Too funny. Projection run amok.


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