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11/9/16 6:08am

This is the top story at the Neo-Nazi website Daily Stormer.

(Image courtesy of the Daily Stormer)

I will have more to say tonight. 


(Image courtesy of Twitter)

Uh oh. This is from Frank Luntz. A harbinger of what is to come?


I have been away most of the day running errands, but I did have to make a second trip to a polling place today so that my wife could vote (she didn't feel like getting out of bed early like me this morning). The lines were much longer the second time around. 

(Image courtesy of Twitter)

Trump hasn't stopped with the WTF moments, as he filed a last minute lawsuit in Nevada today to sequester ballots from "certain areas" if you know what he means (and I'm sure you do). A judge denied the request. This is yet another sign of a losing campaign. 

Muh rigged election! (Image courtesy of Twitter)

We are now just a half hour away from the first poll closings. Get ready!


Nate Silver and his 538 blog have been catching a lot of flack this year for their poll analysis, which has tended to break with the herd mentality that says that Clinton has an easy win before her. Even so, I still tend to like their analysis, and they will be liveblogging the election today. They also have a "How To Watch" post up this morning which breaks down some of the key battleground states, what to watch for in those states, all in order of poll closing times. I don't have cable tv any longer, but when I did, I always enjoyed CNN's election night coverage. They have mirrored their live television coverage format for online including a county by county breakdown. (Note: This is not a CNN endorsement, I just like the format of their election results.)


I'm proud to say that I voted!

I voted at 7:15am this morning. When I arrived at the polling place around 6:45am, the parking lot was almost empty, by 7am when they opened the doors, the lot was almost full. I waited in line about 10 minutes to vote. The machine gives you the option of voting straight ticket, but I opted to manually enter my votes so I could observe the machines behavior to look for the rumored "vote switching", but I had no problems with my machine. I should add, that I voted in battleground Pennsylvania, and I am a white, working class union member who voted for Hillary Clinton.

Election Day! 6:38am

Off to vote! What are you waiting for? GO VOTE! Oh yeah, and Votecastr is now live. Check it out.

11/7/16 10:58pm

Bellwether Counties to watch

Arizona - Maricopa, Pima

Colorado - Jefferson, Arapahoe, Adams, Larimer

Florida - Hillsborough, Pinellas, Volusia, Seminole, Duval, Palm Beach, Monroe, Miami-Dade

Georgia - Gwinnett, Fulton, DeKalb, Cobb

Iowa - Polk, Scott, Cedar, Union, Story

Indiana - Vigo

Michigan - Macomb, Ottawa, Marquette, Oakland, Wayne, Genesee, Kent, Monroe, Calhoun

Missouri - St. Louis, St. Charles, Greene

Nevada - Clark, Washoe

New Hampshire - Hillsborough, Rockingham, Carroll, Belknap

North Carolina - Wake, Mecklenburg, Watauga, Forsyth, Gaston, Guilford, Durham, Buncombe, Union

Ohio - Mahoning, Stark, Trumbull, Delaware, Athens, Hamilton, Lake, Sandusky, Clark, Franklin, Wood, Cuyahoga, Ashtabula, Montgomery, Lucas

Pennsylvania - Bucks, Montgomery, Delaware, Chester, Beaver, Greene, Washington, Westmoreland, Lackawanna, Luzerne, Allegheny, Northampton, Montour, Berks, Philadelphia

Utah - Weber, Salt Lake, Cache

Virginia - Loudoun, Henrico, Prince William, Fairfax, Chesterfield, Virginia Beach

Wisconsin - Dane, Waukesha, Ozaukee, Washington, Brown, Racine, Door, Milwaukee

11/7/16 10:34pm

Poll Closing Times


Indiana (EST)


New Hampshire


North Carolina


Florida (Panhandle)
New Hampshire


New Mexico



Full list here


  1. I've really come to like the fivethirtyeight site. It will be interesting to see if they turn out to be the ones that get it right again.

  2. This is not where we thought we'd be right about now. If she can hold on to Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania she will win, but it's looking increasingly unlikely.

    1. Colorado and Virginia go for Hillary. I expect Nevada to do the same. Going to be a squeaker!

    2. I wonder how he'll react if she wins the electoral vote, but he wins the popular vote.

      I can't believe I'm speaking about a Presidential candidate in that way.

  3. It's looking like she can't win.

    As much of an idiot as we think he is, he knew not to run against Obama. It was now or never against Hillary.

  4. Dimmy... Oh, Dimmy..... President-Elect Trump...

  5. Yep, it sucks, but you won't like it either.

    He rejected the KKK and the CBF. The people that have been removing the CBF were all reelected. History did not change. Plus, he can't stop globalism. And finally, he is not a true conservative as many have warned. I have the feeling you will be upset with him at some point in 2017.

    Oh, and by the way, he can't get rid of gay marriage. The five people who voted for it on the SCOTUS are still there. So what really will change? Not that much.

  6. Jacob, you know there are only about 5,000 Klan members, and a few hundred neo-Nazis/Ayrans in a nation of three hundred MILLION, don't you? Your misplaced obsession with these non-entities is a waste of time and evidence of your lack of judgment.

    Dimmy, I like it just fine. Of course I'm not going to agree with everything he will do. I don't care if he rejected the KKK. He didn't reject the battleflag, he just agreed with taking it down in SC after the shooting. He said otherwise, flying it is free expression and he doesn't like interfering with free expression.

    Unlike leftists, who want the president foist off their worldview onto everyone else, we conservatives simply want the president and the government to leave us alone. I posted this on Facebook last night (it negates what you believe about us):

    I am sooooo happy we will not have an iniquitous, power hungry, money grubbing sociopath (with a penchant for endangering Americans) in the most powerful office in the world....Countless prayers of thanksgiving need to be rising up to heaven right now.

    But we cannot squander our momentum. It's bigger than the government.

    Always before, we expected a Republican president to save our culture ...but once in office, either they were hamstrung by liberals, or they did nothing because they didn't care about the culture -- and it wasn't their job anyway. Trump may care more than the usual politician but it isn't his responsibility, either. His responsibility is government policy, trade, economics, etc., but the culture ... It's OUR culture and OUR responsibility.

    We need to force Hollywood to clean up. We need to neutralize political correctness. We need to put wholesome and effective curricula back into our schools. We need to stand up to those who would crush our churches -- and we need to get ourselves back into the pews. And we need to strengthen and protect our heritage.

    Tonight doesn't end it. This is the beginning. So let's celebrate and give thanks. And then get to work.

  7. The USA dodged a bullet to the head overnight....

    1. You put a lot of faith in Trump. I think he will follow through on very little of his promises. We shall see.

    2. As a lot of what he wants to do is unconstitutional or unfeasible, he won't get much done. Then he'll be just another politician that made promises he couldn't fulfill. Ironically, the very thing he was elected to fight against.

    3. All he has to do is not be Hillary Clinton... SHE is the bullet we dodged...

    4. You don't have a heritage built on factual information. Plus Trump already told you that you were wrong and repudiated the CBF and Confederate heritage. You keep missing the reality.

    5. Geeze, Dimmy, I'm talking about our AMERICAN heritage.... You don't even know what "heritage" means, evidently.

      Jacob, a lot of us voted for Trump primarily because of economics; that was Obama's preferred path for destruction of America -- destroying its economy, which wasn't in great shape to begin with. Obama hurt the economy and foisted off Obamacare on Americans in order to hurt them. Clinton and the Obamas and countless others on their side are solidly together in their desire to see real Americans suffer in third world conditions...

      Sledge, we're willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, and besides, you don't know WHAT he can pull off... He didn't make several billion dollars being a dope, you know? For a non-politician, he showed a lot of political savvy in the advisers he chose during the campaign. He went from being a stumbling, mumbling public speaker when he first announced, to a very presidential acceptance speech in the wee hours Wednesday morning.

      Best of all, he isn't what Hillary Clinton is -- a willful criminal using the government to get rich personally, a racketeer with utter indifference if not outright hostility for the American people (see: Benghazi victims). The Saudis basically own her. Her carelessness with her illegal server (which she obtained in order to keep illegal pay to play transactions off official State Department hard drives) was an open invitation for our enemies to obtain classified state secrets. I do hope any investigation into her crimes will include determining what foreign powers tapped into her machine, and what information they obtained, though that may not be possible to determine. We may not know until we wake up one morning and find one or more of our cities has been nuked during the night...

      The bottom line is, Trump is the President-Elect of the United States. (FYI, pacifiers are pretty cheap at Walmart....)

    6. About the only place I share common ground with Trump is his promise to undo bade trade deals, but, I don't think he will actually do it. Trump is anti-union. A majority of union members voted for Trump, that's scary, voting against your own best interest. Trump is going to do more trickle down, which historically has never lifted anyone in the lower classes. Trump is a con man. You'll see. I said it from the beginning, Clinton wasn't my choice, but I saw not voting for her as throwing my vote away. You guys are now going to get what you wanted, I hope you find it's what you wanted. If I had to guess, Americans will be back to looking for a "change candidate" in four years.

    7. "FYI, pacifiers are pretty cheap at Walmart" - How is their durability? The one you've been using for the last 8-150 years must have served you well.

  8. Connie is about to get a dose of "be careful what you wish for".


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