Countdown To Meltdown: Hillary Clinton is playing to win, while Donald Trump is just playing his base...

Found this on my door tonight when I returned from running errands. Second visit in two days. Ground game matters. Of course, The Donald doesn't need a ground game, right? We'll find out in two days. Everyone, please go vote on Tuesday, regardless of what candidate you're voting for. 

Restoring the honor!


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    1. We'll see in two days who is deluded.

  2. Geez, Rachel Madcow had to school her idiot leftist Democrat viewers that they could not phone in and vote by text. Geez....

    If Hillary does win, she will bind and gag the Justice Department, and her already breathtaking level of corruption will know no bounds.... Nobody will be safe, including you.

    1. Remember Connie, it was the Republicans for Trump who was posting that misleading information in the first place in order to improve Trumpenfuhrer's chances of winning.

  3. Chastain's now into binding and gagging, eh?

    What an interesting imagination. Fifty Shades of Grey indeed.

  4. Everyone has been talking about a hidden Trump vote, but no one has been considering a hidden Clinton vote. Latinos are going to be YUUUUUGE! In addition, it has been suggested that a large number of Democrats switched party, just for the reason of making Trump the nominee, and if those voters did not switch back, they're being counted as R's.

  5. Is it too soon to talk about Hillary's mandate from the American people to rip down the CBF and put them in the museums? We already have a mandate from the American people to teach American History using facts which is why the heritage crew hates America. That lost cause myth is being thrown out and replaced with facts.


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