Confederate Hypocrites: Virginia Flaggers tweet 79 times in 5 days over Wes Bellamy, 0 times in 533 days over Dylann Roof...

Where is the outrage? (Image courtesy of Twitter)

Although we've been told more times then we can count by de facto Virginia Flagger loudmouth Connie Chastain that words don't matter, actions do, the Virginia Flaggers appear to be practicing a blatant double standard in this regard. In the 533 days since Dylann Roof allegedly murdered nine black churchgoers in Charleston, South Carolina, the Virginia Flaggers have tweeted about the murders zero times. On the flip side, in the last 5 days alone, the Virginia Flaggers have tweeted or re-tweeted about Wes Bellamy 79 times. Folks, numbers don't lie. It's clear that words are more important than human lives to their deplorable ilk.

(All images courtesy of Twitter)

Restoring the honor!


  1. For comparison purposes, Jason Kessler, the blogger who ignited this firestorm has tweeted about this 26 times over the last 5 days. Interestingly enough, Kessler was the Admin and Susan Hathaway was a member of a small, private Facebook group dedicated to removing Bellamy from office, that suddenly disappeared once this story started getting traction. It's not known if the group was closed or just made invisible, and the group members are still using it to chat about this matter privately.

    Now that's what I call a team effort.

    1. Here's a reminder, about how we shouldn't get bent out of shape by words from our good friend Connie, taken from her blog "The Lie Detector"

      Leftists are all about words. They get more upset with what someone they don't like says, than they do violence perped by someone on "their side." A white person who uses a racial slur is worse to them than a black mob that burns neighborhoods, riots, loots and beats people up."

      Thank you for that Mrs. Chastain!

  2. Jacob, don't play dumb. It's most unflattering. The situation with Bellamy is not relevant to my comments at The Lie Detector -- which, btw, are right on the money. One has to wonder how you could copy/paste them without reading them. Or, if you read them, how you could so abysmally miss the meaning.

    Mr. Bellamy's words are exceedingly important for two reasons... they prove 1) he does not have the moral authority to attack and pass judgment on our heritage and 2) he shouldn't have any influence over the school children of Virginia. And your almost total focus on the VaFlaggers is misleading because many, many people who are not heritage folks want him gone.

    The Virginia Flaggers exist as an organization to defend the very heritage trashed by Mr. Bellamy (who, remember, has no moral authority to do so). They do not exist as an organization to pass judgment on mass murderers (including Dylann Roof), although as individuals, many Flaggers and other heritage folks have certainly done so.

    Now, stop lying about the Flaggers. Stop trying to whip up hatred for them. Your efforts to engender hatred for them is based not on the truth, but on your hate-distorted view of them. You are playing a dangerous game, Jacob. You might think now that it would be the ultimate pleasure to see one or more of the Flaggers get their comeuppance -- i.e., be targeted by somebody you've incited. You might think it would be delightful to see them hurt -- either deprived of their livelihood, or experience another misfortune -- or actually physically attacked and injured. But you wouldn't feel so good if it really happened; or if it did feel good to you, that would make you diabolical, and you would be missing a huge chunk of your humanness.

    I have an idea. Why don't you find something positive and uplifting you can do with your life. Your hate is fossilizing your heart, shriveling your soul and desiccating your humanity... Hurry, before you end up as dust in the wind....

    1. Look, now that the web is starting to unravel, I have to ask, why do you keep calling me Jacob, and why is there a "hacker" referring to me as "Destroy"? Do you two know each other? You're the only person who calls me that, actually, I think you coined it.

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