All Points Bulletin: Be on the lookout for a Facebook group dedicated to removing Charlottesville Councilor Wes Bellamy...

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Last seen in the vicinity of this URL: Also be on the lookout for two known accomplices, Jason Kessler and Susan Frise Hathaway. If you encounter the group, please do not approach it, contact news media immediately. Attempts to converse with Kessler have been met with resistance. 

@TheMadDimension is really, really mad! (Image courtesy of Twitter)

Kessler may be hiding out in Russia.

(Image courtesy of VK)

Restoring the honor!


  1. This Bellamy thing started a while ago, actually.

  2. What part of the information that Kessler has present that's not true? And why aren't you calling for Bellamy's resignation? I assumed you and folks like Cory and Dick were against racist...........maybe I was wrong.

    1. 1) Not sure who you're asking because I'm not alleging that.

      2) I will conduct my business however I see fit. I don't owe you any answer or explanation, nor do I jump when you say "jump".

      3) I'm waiting for the different parties to finish their investigations into all of the facts and reach their conclusions.

      4) Bellamy was wrong. He took responsibility. That's a lot more then we can say for the "Heritage" community who has never expressed anything close to the outrage over a black man's comments as we see when whites do the same thing. Have the Virginia Flaggers or anyone else in the Heritage community ever denounced Matthew Heimbach? Hubert Wayne Cash? Raymond Agnor?
      No. Because your world views are built on a double standard of white superiority. You're despicable people.

  3. And you my friend are a sad,sad, little fellow.

    1. Like the pot calling the kettle black...

  4. that all the better you can do? How come you never engage me in any real discussion on historical facts? I am a teacher you know...I am sure I can keep up with anything you toss my way.

    1. I picture Jesse with a drool bib fore some reason.

      Facts = Confederate Kryptonite


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