Hate Not Heritage: The opposite of being against something is...

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...Being for it. In this case, racism. Some "Heritage" folks are really, really angry that any group would have the audacity to promote peace, love, diversity, inclusion, tolerance, and equal rights for all humans. You know? The opposite of everything Donald Trump and his deplorable followers hold dear. Via The Virginia Flaggers:

"These folks may call themselves "anti-racists", but in reality, they are leftist extremists who call out even a small gathering in a cemetery to honor Jackson on the day of his death as dangerous and an attempt to "reclaim whiteness"."

(Image courtesy of Facebook) 

By the way folks, Susan Hathaway's pal Denny is using a white power slogan in the post above. "Anti-Racist is (a) code(word) for Anti-White" is a white supremacist catchphrase known as "The Mantra", which was coined by well-known white power propagandist Robert "Bob" Whitaker

(Image courtesy of The News-Gazette)

It would seem that the Virginia Flaggers true purpose and feelings are creeping out more and more with each passing day. Who knows what they'll do in 12 days when they figure out that their God Emperor Trump can't MAGA. There's absolutely no defensible reason to oppose anti-racism if you, yourself aren't racist. Just pointing out the obvious.

Restoring the honor!


  1. The Virginia Flaggers ARE absolutely the reason why groups like C.A.R.E. Rock bridge even need to exist.

  2. You're lying, and you know you're lying. That makes you worthy of supreme disrespect.

    1. Oh goodness. He posts material put up by your fellow racists and you attack him as lying. Nothing about this Flagger theme of "diversity for white folks only."

      You're an ugly bitter racist, Chastain. Your head's about to explode.

  3. Folks, have y'all noticed that the Flaggers ONLY attack anti-racists? The actual racists, they get a pass.

  4. Why would you attack your friends?

  5. Simpson, O Learned but Selectively Blind Edumucator, Jacob put up several paragraphs of HIS composition that are steeped in deceit ... did you somehow miss that? (Getting old sucks, sometimes, I guess.) No, of course you didn't miss it, you are deliberately ignoring it in order to make your own deceitful points.

    I'm not a racist and I don't have any "fellow racists." Most of what you anti-racist jackasses call "racist" isn't. Jacob IS lying. Look at how he links to a League of the South political discussion but attributes it to the VaFlaggers. He knows they are not the same organization and exist for unmistakably different purposes, so he is explicitly mendacious. "Diversity for white folks only" is not a Flagger theme, but your saying it is shows us you are no more trustworthy (or respect-worthy) than Jacob.

    You are a cyber-bully, a cyber-stalker, and a hater, Simpson, living in a fantasy world and drumming up hatred for people who have done you no wrong. (And my head's just fine, not exploding; not even swelled up like yours.)

    Jacob, most of the people you call anti-racists are actually anti-racist jackasses (yourself, Simpson and his fellow "historian" floggers, feel-good indoctrinees like Sledge, goofy commenters like Corey, and your One People comrades like "Liberty Lamprey" are great examples). The Flaggers don't attack; on rare occasions, they defend or counter-attack but I've never known them to do that except in response to being attacked first -- and the initial attacks come from anti-racist jackasses, not anti-racists.

    As for the "Mantra," you are far, far more deeply immersed in white power stuff than I am -- you seem to wallow in it with great enjoyment -- (I have no idea who Bob Whitaker is, but you apparently do -- friend of yours?) but have you ever considered that the catchphrase might be accurate? I mean, like I said, I'm not into all this like you are, but I don't recall seeing anti-racist jackasses ever pointing out talk from non-whites and calling it racist, even when it is blatantly and obviously racist. (Wait, don't tell me; you think only whites can be racist...LOL! That could be the anti-racist jackass Mantra, huh, Jacob... "Only whites can be racist.")

    Their "God-Emperor Trump"? You know, it would be both interesting and repellent to see the thought processes, not to mention the mindless emotion, that comes up with such phantasmagorical pronouncements.

    Who are you talking to, Corey?

    Fellas, it might be a good idea for you to dial back the hatred and cyber-harassment... Just sayin'

    1. You Connie, you are the only racist on this blog...unless other Va. Flaggers join you.

    2. The Flaggers don't Attack? What do you call 5 years on the streets of Richmond in front of the VFMA? What do you call 27 flags around Virginia? Yeah...those are attacks for not doing as you and the Va. Flaggers command.

    3. The Flaggers love to brag about their intimidation and privately chuckle over it. It's only when they get called on the carpet for it that they pretend it's not something they relish.

    4. The are picketing, Corey. Demonstrating. Dissenting against how a tax-payer supported entity treats the public. It is an integral part of our republic..... You don't know this? Do I need to start calling you Dimmy?

      Not intimidation, Jacob. Intimidation (along with bullying harassing stalking and slandering) -- these are the methods of your side. This blog, for example, REEKS of it. You don't find anything LIKE this at the VaFlaggers blog or on their FB pages. The "anti-raciss" parade is being held as intimidationl, bullying, harassing the VaFlaggers... The flaggers are just pointing that out, and that is not intimidation.

    5. Notice how Connie skipped over the raising of flags if the people they are picketing don't follow the flagger's commands?

    6. "feel-good indoctrinees"... Can I get a definition on that? If I'm being insulted, I want to understand what it is I'm being called. If it's because I don't believe people should be marginalized for who they are or things beyond their control... Connie, you may say I'm a dreamer. But, I know I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us.

      "God-Emperor Trump" - That's how he intends to rule. Just today he said the elections should just be cancelled and he should "named" President. Oh, I'm sure he'll say it was sarcasm... that jokester. I think he just likes making his surrogates work for their money. The backbending they have to do should assure them jobs in the circus after this is all over.

    7. I think everything Trump is doing and saying is geared towards eliciting a desired reaction from his easily controlled followers. I'll let y'all figure out what that means.

  6. "Look at how he links to a League of the South political discussion but attributes it to the VaFlaggers."

    I did no such thing. The link is to a post under which I speculate which direction people like yourself and Susan (Heritage folks) may turn in the wake of a Trump loss. It's absolutely accurate, no one knows what you'll do faced with the hard reality that America rejects racist attitudes. Where will you turn next for your next Great White Savior? TBD.

    You're conveniently ignoring the real point about the Mantra, I linked to a photo of Susan and Denny working together. Were told the Virginia Flaggers have NO idea who any of these folks are. The point is, we can clearly see that isn't true because of a pattern of behavior controlled by the Flaggers themselves. The Virginia Flaggers know EXACTLY WHO these people are, and they're well aware of their beliefs. Not a shred of evidence has ever been offered, or found which show that the Flaggers denounce white nationalists. None. If you know of some, please do tell.

    I don't know anyone I'm associated with who hate white people. Never met one. You, nor anyone else has offered any evidence to support the claim, so no, I haven't considered it since there is not any reason to. That Mantra was created as a white power meme/propaganda tool, just the same as Pepe the Nazi fucking frog, (((echoes))), and #TheList. How strange it is that Susan's little flag buddy knows all about it. Of course we know, it's not strange at all, nor is it a coincidence. Facts show that Susan and the Flaggers have way too many run-ins with the same folks or the same types of folks over, and over, and over again. That's called a pattern.

    1. Quote: "The link is to a post under which I speculate which direction people like yourself and Susan (Heritage folks) may turn in the wake of a Trump loss."

      Baloney. Total hooey. You say, "It would seem that the Virginia Flaggers true purpose and feelings are creeping out more and more with each passing day. Who knows what they'll do in 12 days when they figure out that their God Emperor Trump can't MAGA."

      Note the phrase THE VIRGINIA FLAGGERS (caps added). Very specific. Then, "Who knows what they'll do..." THEY'LL refers to THE VIRGINIA FLAGGERS."

      WHAT THEY'LL DO is an embedded link, that takes you to this: http://restoringthehonor.blogspot.com/2016/10/league-of-south-looking-to-capitalize.html

      That is a post about the LEAGUE OF THE SOUTH.

      Quote: "I did no such thing. The link is to a post under which I speculate which direction people like yourself and Susan (Heritage folks) may turn in the wake of a Trump loss."

      Total and utter bullcrap. Susan isn't named in that post. I am not named in that post. Only the League of the South, and people who are (presumably) members of it are mentioned in the linked post. So you lied. You lie all the time on this blog. I was exactly and totally right.

      You're a liar, Jacob. The question is, why. What is your motive....

    2. "Any guesses which side folks like Hathaway and Chastain shake out on?"

  7. Folks, I should point out that the Flaggers have announced that they will still be there the same weekend as the anti-racist group. The SCV however, is quoted here as saying they are moving their event to the following weekend.


    "Wilmore said Wednesday that he has yet to submit an application for next year’s parade. The group now plans to hold its Lee-Jackson parade on the following Saturday, Jan. 21, he said."

    Do the Flaggers have a permit of their own, and if not, what good could come out of them trying to be in the same place, at the same time as a group with opposing views? Is this the set-up for a Flagger confrontation, or just more of the good old fashioned troublemaking they've come to be known for?


    "In the meantime, we encourage all supporters of Confederate heritage to set aside the dates of Friday, January 13th and Saturday, January 14th and make plans to make your way to Lexington, Virginia either or both days."

    Or are they just writing checks their asses have no intention of ever cashing?

  8. BTW, Jacob, you know that college students are demanding and, in fact, staging demonstrations that achieve, racial segregation, don't you?

    1. Are you talking about this?


    2. That's one thing. There have been others. I didn't bookmark them, but now that it's turning into a trend, I will, and will probably blog about it.

      So, do you agree with racial segregation when minorities are the ones demanding it?

    3. Well that article doesn't offer any proof of anyone doing that. Come back with a factual example and I'll tell you what I think about it.

    4. http://www.thecollegefix.com/post/25748/

    5. Corrected link: http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/segregation-is-making-a-comeback-on-college-campuses/article/2579962

    6. Here's an excerpt from Connie's flawed propaganda:

      “Across the country last fall, college students began protesting alleged oppression and discrimination by white administrators and students. Most of the grievances centered around a lack of black professors or the names of certain buildings, but some protesters are asking for "safe spaces" where whites aren't allowed.

      A website called TheDemands.org details the 76 demand lists from protesters across the country. The College Fix has noted that many of the lists call for segregated sections of campus.

      For instance, protesters at the University of California, Los Angeles, demanded a new housing center, called the "Afro-House" for black students only. They also insisted this house have cheaper rent than the surrounding area, claiming that "many black students cannot afford to live in Westwood with the high prices of rent.”

      And here are some actual facts:


      "LOS ANGELES >> A new Cal State Los Angeles policy allowing what some are calling “segregated housing” for African-American students exploded into controversy this week. But the policy doesn’t bear any resemblance to what its detractors are labeling it, students and administrators said Wednesday.

      For the fall 2016 semester, the East Los Angeles campus unveiled a new student housing option called the Halisi Scholars Black Living-Learning Community, a themed dormitory catering to students interested in issues faced by the black community.

      On Tuesday, The College Fix, a conservative-leaning blog covering higher education, wrote about the introduction of the dorm, saying Cal State L.A. “rolled out segregated housing for black students.”

      Robert Lopez, the executive director for communications and public affairs for the university, said the community is not segregated. Lopez noted the dorm is open to students of all races.

      “We do not have segregated housing,” he said. “That is illegal.”"

      Folks, as if I need to tell you, that is absolutely correct, it is totally and completely ILLEGAL to have racially segregated housing designated by a University. Unfortunately, folks like Connie believe everything that they read from slanted opinion pieces. Additionally, anyone can demand anything they want, that doesn't mean they are going to get it. This is just another feeble attempt by Connie to act like she knows what she's talking about. FAIL!!!

    7. Oh and by the way, I forgot to add, I completely and unequivocally oppose the idea of racial segregation. I'm not sure why Connie believes that I am somehow responsible, or have to answer for the actions of others. I'm not.

    8. An update on the reports that the Flaggers are planning to be in Lexington at the same time that CARE Rockbridge. According to an email I received from the Mayor of Lexington, Mimi Elrod:

      "I think the Flaggers have applied, but City Council has not voted on any other permits."

      I've also been forwarded an email from the SCV RE: reports that they have moved the date of their event to the following weekend:

      "We will not know the date until November 8th."


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