The Big Grift: Where is the flag money going?

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Alamance County Taking Back Alamance County, otherwise known as ACTBAC, has promised to begin raising 23 roadside battle flags this month, but with just 9 days left on the calendar, and no flag raising scheduled, we're beginning to wonder where the money is going. Transparency is not a hallmark of the Confederate Heritage community. A plethora of new flagger groups have sprung up seemingly overnight, most of them following in the footsteps of the Virginia Flaggers in almost every way, including keeping their financials secret

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ACTBAC however, assured us via email that they are a registered non-profit in the State of North Carolina, however, we have been unable to independently confirm any such non-profit status through a publicly searchable database maintained by the North Carolina Secretary of State.

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Now it appears as though ACTBAC is backing off their promise of raising their first of 23 planned roadside hate flags this month. Although the group gave no indication as to the cause of the delay, a Fundly account shows that they have already raised $1,195.00 to date. The group was asking for $28,000 to fund the entire project. Divided evenly between the total number of planned flags shows that the group is only $22 shy of having enough for the first hate flag. So what's the hold-up?

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We think it's time for ACTBAC to come come clean, either show us the flags, show us the money, and/or both. ACTBAC owes it to their supporters to be as financially open and transparent as possible to maintain their trust. In the meantime, the group has said that they will be raising an 8X12 battle flag on a 40' pole, apparently in early November. A bunch of days later, and a ton of dollars short...

Restoring the honor!


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    1. Did you? Or are you all talk, no action?

    2. Answering a question with a question is not answering. I'm also not the one complaining or accusing...

      Do did you send them a donation?

    3. She is going to say that if we didn't send in a donation that it is not any of our business. Very predictable these days.

    4. Chastain fails to put her money where her mouth is. Guess those royalties aren't coming in.

      After all, offering a dust jacket and telling us how fhun-hun-hun it will be to write a book isn't exactly writing anything. Her major literary output this year is on this blog.


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