The advent of black Southern white nationalism, courtesy of Auntie Ruckus...

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Folks, what other Southern Nationalist organizations can you think of besides the League of the South? I'm drawing a blank. So how ironic is it, that a black Confederate Heritage activist has labeled herself as a "Southern Nationalist", when the League of the South has made it perfectly clear that they aren't interested in "her kind"? Not only is Auntie Ruckus self-identifying as a Southern Nationalist, she's defending Southern white nationalism, and attempting to redefine it.

Arlene Barnum self-identifies as a Southern Nationalist. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Is Southern Nationalism going Rainbow?

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Ah... Nope!

Restoring the honor!


  1. I guess she's starting her own Southern Nationalist movement to compete with the only known one in existence. That oughta go over like a fart in church.

  2. I've learned recently that the three sets of parenthesis is a Klan marking for Jewish people. But, Don Chump and Harry Enten using it for their names... seems strange.

    1. It was an effort to troll the trolls. I'm not even Jewish, I just do it as a show of solidarity with those who are. Shortly after it was discovered that the racists were ilusing this symbolism as a way to mark people for harassment, there was a loosely led movement to voluntarily adopt the symbol as a way to say fuck you, and we aren't afraid of you.

      It's actually not technically a Klan thing, it's an Alt-Right thing. The Alt-Right really doesn't have much to do with the Klan other than they are both full of hate, but we don't see much crossover between the two groups.

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