Report: University of Mississippi pushes back against lying Heritage movement...

(Image courtesy of the Oxford Eagle)

The Oxford Eagle is reporting tonight, that the University of Mississippi is directly refuting the false narrative being spread online that police officers arrested a student over the weekend for possessing a Mississippi State flag. Via the Oxford Eagle:

"Days after video emerged of a University of Mississippi student being arrested at Vaught-Hemingway Stadium, the university is refuting social media rumors and national chatter that it was over the state flag.
Video of Dylan Wood’s arrest spread quickly across social media outlets after Saturday’s game against Memphis, along with conflicting reports as to why the arrest occurred.
A university press release says Woods “was initially contacted by stadium security because he was displaying a flag in the stands in violation of longstanding stadium policy that prohibits flags, banners, signs, umbrellas or other objects that may obstruct the view of other fans.
“Consistent with stadium policy, security officers instructed Wood to leave the stadium or to relinquish the flag.”
The university says Wood, who is underage, failed to comply with officers after being escorted to the concourse, at which time officers observed he was intoxicated and carrying a flask.
He was charged with failure to comply, public drunkenness and possession of alcohol by a minor."

Restoring the honor!


  1. In the video posted online which appears to have been shot by Mr. Wood himself, Wood claims that he measured his flag in the Grove prior to the event. The officer and Mr. Wood disagree over the size. Mr. Wood claims that he will post a video later showing the size of the flag is 8.5"X11". Has anyone seen the video? I haven't. Perhaps he misspoke in his alleged inebriated state?

  2. Lyin' Ole Miss is refuting the claims? Wow, what a surprise. Who'da thunk it...

    1. If they are lying, prove it.

    2. Huh? That doesn't even make any sense.

      Let me save you the trouble, you can't, because Dylan Wood videod the encounter, and the video evidence directly contradicts the after-the-fact claims.

    3. I'd like to also note, for the record, that when I refer to "claims", I'm not referring to any Mr. Wood has made, because I'm not aware of any. The Heritage movement is making all sorts of claims despite what available evidence shows. Mr. Wood is more than welcome to chime in any time, however, I suspect he's been advised this lawyers (if he has any) not to say too much about it, if anything at all.

  3. I do believe that this matter will be address in a court of law where facts will be used to determine what occurred. When a verdict is rendered, everyone can either abide by the verdict or whine in the court of public opinion which often does not rely upon factual evidence such as in the case of those who wave CBFs around.

    1. I would note that most people choose not to go to court when they don't have a case, and while I'm not a lawyer, I suspect this is a very difficult "win" for any lawyer from Mr. Woods perspective. I'd be surprised if this goes to court.

    2. Yup. This is what happens when your country is turning, piece by little piece, into a repressive, autocratic dictatorship...

    3. Connie, what happens come November 9th if the God Emporer does not prevail?

      "What’s more, if Trump loses the election, I dare to say that there is a strong possibility that Southern Nationalism could be a hot new thing a month from now."

    4. KKKonnie and the rest of KKKonfederate Heritage along with the cast of KKKonservatives can't win in a courtroom where facts are used. Mainly due to the lack of facts used by the KKKonfederate Heritage types. So instead, they reach out to their public relations department via social media and flood the world with their lies and whines.

      Of course the hypocrisy of them whining about their country when they would rather live in the white supremacist nation of the Confederacy enjoying the totalitarian government known as fascism which they have relabeled as their version of democracy is kind of amusing.

      A dictatorship to those folks is one in which they can discriminate against others while being protected by the laws which they then deny to those they deem inferior. A dictatorship to KKKonne is one in which she is the equal to any black individual in the world or any other human being for that matter.

    5. "repressive, autocratic dictatorship" - My, when we get to pick and choose the rules we follow... It's a "repressive, autocratic dictatorship" when the ones you don't like are enforced.

    6. Here's one theory of what happens come November 9th if the God Emporer loses:

      Folks, let's be frank about something. I don't agree with Brad Griffin on racial issues. He and I are at completely opposite ends of the spectrum. Likewise, I have nothing in common with Michael Hill in respect to racial issues. These guys are on to something though. More than anyone, Griffin has been predicting this shift would eventually come. Only when the Rainbows have seen that, for instance, Trump ISN'T going to MAGA, will they give up on traditional politics and start to look for an alternative. On this alone, I agree with Griffin. The question becomes, how does it develop? Folks, I'm telling you, some of these folks are already white nationalists as far as their ideology goes. Sure, they sanitize their social media pages, and they aren't in-your-face like the Southern Nationalists are, but believe me, they believe most of the exact same things.

      The Right is going to get more extreme whether or not Trump wins or loses. We've seen the rise of the Alt-Right, and I don't think it's going to go away. We are moving into a time of racial consciousness, and when I say that, I'm not talking about it in the sense that folks like Griffin or Hill approach it from, what I mean is, racial issues are going to naturally be pushed further and further to the forefront of our political discourse. Issues of race have traditionally been in the background, but we are already seeing these issues popping up with greater and greater frequency, every day. Hill, Griffin, and Cushman have been working at this for years, and up until now we've all been having a good laugh, but I think shit's about to start getting real. Southerners are going to shit bricks if Trump loses. The Right-Lite (Limbaugh, Hannity, and their ilk) have been inching closer to just flat out admitting its over for them. They've been preparing their audiences for the realization that they've been lying to them, and stealing their money year after year. For years they've been stringing these folks along with a new carrot and stick routine every four years, but time, she's up. Now, I don't have a crystal ball, but look at how Southern Nationalists have been positioning themselves all these years. Who stands to benefit from a Trump loss? Where are these folks going to go when they realize that Conservative politics was all a hoax? I'll tell you where they're going to go, to the fringe. Listen to their arguments. Political correctness? Who is less politically correct than white nationalists? This is one of those rare instances where I agree with Griffin. What I'm interested in seeing more than anything is how do the Rainbows square their concocted vision of the past in their soon to be future? They have been hard at work creating an alternate universe all of these years, and this is really going to be fun to watch. I'm serious folks, pop some popcorn, and get comfy, because you are about to witness a Rainbow meltdown if HRC is victorious in 32 days.

    7. I really don't see that group being that large. In order to accomplish a rebellion on the magnitude required to actually break up the nation they would have to have a majority in the nation and they don't have it. They don't have a majority in any state either. The fringe may have some numbers, but it lacks the ability to sustain a movement built on racism and ignorance into a movement that controls the nation's political power.

      The fact that they will lose in November and have been rejected in most states proves that. I'm sure they will be vocal and scream loudly on the 9th, but that will mostly be venting. The few that want to use military force may try, but they will be criminals the minute they try it.

      They just do not have the support for a rebellion that they may think they have. Anybody can be mean behind a screen or push a LIKE button on the Internet, but when it comes time to actually fight for racism and white supremacy they won't be there. We see the failure to get support on a wide basis every day for the lunatic fringe.

      Not to mention the fact that the majority of the heritage movement is over 50 easily and in most cases even older.

      What is far more likely to happen is that the GOP will turn on the racists and crazies who wrecked their chance to win control of the federal government in this election. Until the GOP gets its act together, they're not going to win on the national level. Plus, every year, the GOP loses voters via the natural causes of old age. If that party wants to remain relevant, it has to change its platform. If not, they're going into the footnotes and another party will replace it.

    8. Robert, I can't see into the future, I can only speculate. But if Trump loses, Hillary and the Democrats will continue turning the USA into a third world hellhole. (Except for her and her fellow elites.) Massive numbers of unborn children will be murdered in the womb and their body parts sold. Seniors will be denied medical care and many will die. Veterans will be denied benefits, not only health care but housing, etc. Christians will be persecuted. Massive numbers of "immigrants" from hostile cultures will be herded into this country to prey on its citizens, take their jobs and benefits -- and eventually to replace them.

      Trump is neither a God nor an emperor.

      Is the link to Brad Griffin's loony blog supposed to impress me? Convince me of something?

    9. Dimmy, what WOULD you do if you couldn't lie about and demonize good people to make yourself feel better?

      First, there is no such thing as natural equality. Some people are short, some tall, some can sing, some can't, some can run fast, some can't, some can draw or paint, some can't. Believing all people are equal in every way is demented.

      I believe in equal application of the law, Dimmy. That is the ideal that isn't possible in a fallen world, but it's what the best, most equitable societies strive for.

      Dimmy, what are you doing to may your ultra lily white town more diverse and multicultural?

    10. Sledge, don't be ridiculous. You are usually smarter than this. You're letting anti-racist-jackass ideology dumb you down.

    11. What utter moonbattery, Robert...

    12. Keep in mind, I'm not saying they will be successful, I just think they stand to gain from a Trump loss as right wingers, especially the Rainbows, become even more disaffected and fed up with politics. I think the Trump candidacy has set the stage for more widespread radicalization.

    13. KKKonnie, you once again are trying to derail a discussion. Back up and stop your whining, lying, and denying or stay out of the discussion. You as usual had nothing to contribute that sane people could understand.

    14. I am not so sure. The study of political history in the US shows us that when a party is divided and loses the presidential election, those that control the party savagely turn on the elements that caused them to lose the election. In this case, the GOP is controlled by the establishment. So I would expect them to make some rules about who runs for the nomination and goes to the debate stage.

      They will seek to marginalize the alt-right. Let's face it, the GOP will now have lost the presidency in 1992, 1996, 2008, 2012, and 2016. Also, something very important to factor in is that the GOP also lost the popular vote in 2000 and only "won" the election through the Supreme Court decision. So they will have lost 6 of the last 7 popular vote outcomes.

      Some of them have already noted this and have spoken out about it, but they were scared of alienating their base. They thought that if they alienated the base they would lose the election. Now they want to lose the presidency while holding onto the Senate and House. Interestingly, the Democrats nominated Hillary Clinton which alienated a large group on the left and yet, despite that alienation she is going to be elected president.

      Add into this the growing demographic changes in the US and the GOP has to change or they will lose control of everything including the red states they currently consistently win in.

    15. This new article from Buzzfeed News UK helps to explain my rationale. Americans are largely oblivious that we are on the precipice of a national discussion on race and immigration. The far right, which is largely in-your-face racist and anti-immigrant has been rising for many years. We are way behind Europe as far as the advancement of socialism which is what they are rejecting. I think we are in the early stages of seeing the same thing here. I think this election will cause a great number of people on the right to re-evaluate our political system. Folks like Heimbach, Hill, and even Neo-Nazis like Andrew Anglin are positioned to capitalize on their anger. Griffin believes that a lot of Southern folks are going to quickly jump on the secession train but that there won't actually be any secession. I think that's plausible. At the same time, I think a portion of the Rainbows are going to move towards outright nationalism, while some like Hathaway and Chastain stay the course in denial and the same ridiculousness they are known for.

    16. Oops. It would help if I posted a link to the article.

      Look at Poland and Romania on the map. Do you know where Heimbach has been traveling to over the last few years? Heimbach is a bridge builder. He is trying to bridge the gap between the nationalism that has been rising overseas and the stagnation we've seen here. People should not discount what's happening with this Alt-Right movement here. The Alt-Right is the beginning of the rise of nationalism here. A Trump loss only accelerates this. I'm serious, we've all been having a laugh over these guys for a few years now, but I've been watching them, and they are growing. Yes, they're still small potatoes, but an event like this could be a catalyst to drive people towards this ideology. I see nothing but a golden opportunity for nationalists in the wake of a Trump loss to grab some of these disaffected Trump supporters. In the South, I'd bet that Southern Nationalisrs benefit more than any other group.


      "As evident in the recent Presidential run of billionaire Donald Trump who has campaigned on an anti-immigration platform, many white workers are disaffected with the current system and are swinging towards the Right. In many ways, white nationalists like Heimbach represent the revolutionary potential of this reactionary and racist shift that hopes to create a fascist government by seizing the reigns of this one."

    18. Ouch, Connie.

      Your authoritarian candidate is the law and order candidate. Rules is rules.

      So whether he was targeted for his flag or not, he still wasn't following the rules.

    19. Also, this interview of Heidi Beirich of the SPLC, is one that I can't forget and that I think is a spot on reading of the pulse of America:

      "CHARLAYNE HUNTER-GAULT: But at the moment, there seems to be a resurgence and what appears to be a rise in hate groups. What explains that?

      HEIDI BEIRICH: We have seen a sustained rise in hate groups since basically 2000. And the main thing driving this has been changing demographics in the United States.

      2000 was an important year because it was the first time that the U.S. census said definitively, in our near future, 2042 at the time, whites will no longer be the majority. And obviously, if you are a member of a hate group, right, if you’re a white supremacist, the fact that whites will be less than 50 percent of the population is something to basically be a little freaked out about."


      "CHARLAYNE HUNTER-GAULT: Looking to the future and the things that you do, are you at all optimistic that your organization and America in general can get its arms around hate and racism?

      HEIDI BEIRICH: I’m optimistic in the long run, and I’m extremely pessimistic in the short run.

      Some of the racial strife that we have been experiencing over the last year are all related to our inability to digest the fact that this country is changing and white people are not going to be the majority here. Right?

      I think, in the long term, everything in the United States may be amazing. Right? We might be the first truly multicultural, multiethnic democracy that embraces tolerance everywhere. We would be the first if we sustain this transition in the 2050s without having things descend into chaos.

      But we’re going to have to get through a rough patch. We really have to work on this issue. It’s fundamental to our democracy working."

      I can't agree with her more based on what I'm seeing myself. You have to remember, up until maybe four years ago, racial politics was not even something I even considered in my day to day life. I was completely oblivious up until that point. What I've seen transpire over the last four or so years has been completely eye opening. I think we are on the verge of massive change. I could be wrong, we'll see.

    20. Holy cow. I've talked to my parents, who grew up in rural Kentucky, about racial attitudes and the Klan when they were growing up. Of course, there wasn't a whole lot of minorities where they grew up, but, they only knew of a couple of klansmen. I'd bet that number has grown in that area now.

      Even if you claim the heritage movement has nothing to do with the Klan, then you should also be concerned with the rising movement.

    21. It's the backlash against change by white people who can't stand equality. They see their world disappearing and they don't like it. They hate change. They're also idiots. Change is inevitable. What that change will be is unknown, but change always takes place.

      You want to know the irony of it all? These people who wave the CBF today don't want change. They do not realize what happened in the past took place as the result of the actions by people who created the CBF launching a rebellion. History would be very different had no rebellion taken place. Instead, the changes occurred because of the rebellion. Those changes were the ones feared by the secessionists, but those changes would not have occurred if the secessionists had not forced secession and civil war.

      Obviously today's racists remain ignorant of history.

    22. I agree. That is the simplest way to explain it. Even Trump's campaign slogan "Make America Great Again" speaks to what it is that they want. They want to turn the clocks back.

    23. The rules need to be challenged, Sledge, and changed. They are bad rules.

      Dimmy exhibits the most infantile claims and puerile "logic" I've ever encountered from a purportedly educated adult ... except maybe for Michelle Obama's semi-literate thesis (description by Dinesh D’Souza) that Christopher Hitchens said was "written in no known language...."

      Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Education in the U.S. used to be substantive and lofty, until the leftist Gramscians and Frankfurters got their destructive hands on it.

    24. Dimmy sez: It's the backlash against change by white people who can't stand equality. They see their world disappearing and they don't like it. They hate change. Jacob sez: Even Trump's campaign slogan "Make America Great Again" speaks to what it is that they want. They want to turn the clocks back.

      See, this is one of the most telling ways you guys show your racism -- your utter obsession with race. You can't view or even conceptualize your world in any other way. You see everything through race-colored glasses. That's a telltale sign of anti-racist jackassery.

      Because you look at Mexico and all you see is brown people, you think everyone looks at Mexico and all they see is brown people. So if they object to illegal immigration from Mexico, it's because the illegals are you claim it's all about race, for them, because it's all about race, for you. You either ignore or reject other perfectly logical, legitimate and understandable concerns -- the massive numbers of illegals, their utter contempt for our immigration laws, the criminal element among them that can't be "vetted" because they slip in illegally, the enormous fiscal burden they put on social services and infrastructure, and the unfairness of benefits they are provided but did not earn or pay into. All of these would be exactly the same problem if illegal aliens were white. But because the illegals happen to be brown, well THAT'S THE REASON!!!!

      Many changes whites don't like have nothing to do with equality -- in fact, some of it quite the contrary. Affirmative action that gives unfair advantage mostly on the basis of race is, well, racist. It also is tacit confirmation that minorities can't make it without help. That's just one example.

      Make America Great Again is basically economic, not racial (sheesh). It means reining in globalism and bringing jobs back to this country -- real jobs, manufacturing jobs, and the related ones that accompany them -- and giving Americans what they need to raise their plummeting quality of life.

      Hillary Clinton doesn't give a flying fig about the economy or the standard of living of ordinary Americans. She probably doesn't even understand it. Trump understands economics inside out, and he has campaigned on fixing the economy. I don't know if it can be done. The country may be too far gone. But I know the subject is too wide and too deep for all-emotion, no-cognition anti-racist jackasses, so they are interpreting Trump and the election in the only frame of reference they can grasp. Race.

    25. Yes, they do want to turn the clock back. They want their white supremacist nation maintained. They can't do it. That's why I am so pleased to see Trump's campaign implode.

    26. The whites who are supporting Trump are doing so because they think this country was made for them, and them only. They resent the fact that others are being afforded the same opportunities that they have thrived under. They don't want to see others have the same benefits that they have traditionally hoarded all to themselves. The system has always been geared to deny others equal opportunity. For instance: Good education? Why should non-whites have equal opportunity to that? Good jobs? What do they need those for? Isn't $7 an hour good enough for them? What, they can't feed their children on $7 an hour while we eat steak and lobster? Healthcare? What would we want to give them that for? It's not like they need all of the same things we do to live a happy and healthy life. They see the writing on the wall, and they are fighting to keep the whole shebang all to themselves.

    27. Jacob, you're fantasizing because you can't know what millions of people think. The vast numbers of people you are fomenting hatred for here do not eat steak and lobster. Sheesh. I can't believe you believe this crap. You are knowingly perpetrating lies for the sake of your ideology. When you purport to tell us what "the other" thinks, in order to demonize him, you are telling what YOU really think, but can't own up to because it violates the ideology you are supposed to be upholding. The best you can do is attribute YOUR beliefs to others and condemn them for it.

      Doesn't the cognitive dissonance drive you crazy?

    28. All one has to do is go through the legal books of the nation to see the incredible institutionalized racism built into the system. As the laws have been changed over time to move the nation from its racist legal system, that results in social change. I think more than anything the reaction of many people is along the issue of social change. They do not want to see that change manifest.

      Fortunately in the world of higher education, racism is being hammered to death although it is still existing thanks to actions of conservatives who fight desperately to keep racism around. It is funny how when students work to stop racism on their campuses people who are not part of the campuses scream about it.

    29. The solution to moving forward, is by looking backwards and recognizing our mistakes, and not duplicating them ever again. This is why history is so important. When it comes to the Civil War, the Heritage folks have created an alternate universe, detached from reality.

    30. That's part of their problem to begin with. They ignore the facts and cling to the lies. They do that in real life.

      cue Joe Walsh -

    31. No, Jacob. We are simply telling what y'all deliberately leave out.

    32. What a horrible song. Hard to believe it was made by the same guy who did Rocky Mountain Way and Life's Been Good.

  4. The pushback continues against the Heritage liars:


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