Reading The Tea Leaves: Hillary Clinton just cemented a win on November 8th...

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I had already decided before tonight that I was voting (in Pennsylvania, perhaps THE most important state in this election) for Hillary Clinton. I am a blue collar Union member, and there is absolutely no way on earth that I would vote for the disaster that is Donald Trump, and trust me folks, I'm not alone. Even though my views are very far left, and Hillary Clinton is a centrist, I cannot with a good conscience cast a vote for that little bigot. Given the choice between her and that slimy, bullying coward Donald Trump, who just vomited all over millions of television screens with his non-sensical (I guess you'd call them) answers, it's a very, very easy choice. 

(Image courtesy of Twitter)

(Image courtesy of Twitter)

Of all three debates, by far, I felt that this debate was the best. Chris Wallace, in my opinion, was the best moderator of all three (and he's on the right). Clinton was commanding from start to finish. She stuck to the topics, had acceptable answers, and lobbied tons of zingers. In contrast, Trump was on defense the entire night, was babbling and off topic, and looked like a whiny sore loser. It's no wonder the Heritage crowd loves this guy, he's their clone. I'm now feeling very confident that Hillary Clinton WILL be the next President of the United States of America. 

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Restoring the honor! 


  1. I don't think there's anything Trump can do at this point, and I dare say we start contemplating a landslide after tonight. Third debates historically don't make much of a difference, but this was so one-sided. I'd characterize Trump's performance as downright embarassing.

  2. It's not up to Trump. It's up to the voters. People don't care about debates. They care about the continued existence of the country. There is no future for the USA (or the people) in a Hillary regime.

    1. True to an extent, but he did nothing to help his cause last night. He needed to change the trajectory, he didn't.

      A lot of people are talking about this hidden Trump vote, about polls being off and being skewed. This is all possible, though I think very unlikely. Think about this, Trump is losing because of the way he decided to run his campaign, which if you want my opinion was designed to lose. Even once it became clear how fucked y'all are by him, y'all still decided to stick with him, because he's speaking your language. Trump is the candidate of the stupid. He's a buffoon. More than anything, I think he's a mockery of half of America. A larger than life caricature of all of the rot gut, deplorable racists who I encounter on a daily basis. Unfortunately for the right, Hillary is right about this, that's not who we are in America.

    2. Why don't people care about debates?

    3. I didn't care for the first two debates, but I thought last night was the best of all three.

    4. Corey, debates don't change anybody's mind, and they don't sway the undecided one way or another.

    5. I think most hesitant far lefties are going to come home in the end. Love or hate Clinton, reality is, a vote for Trump or not voting is a vote to give control of a Supreme Court nomination to numb-nuts. Everyone is talking about how polling is not accounting for Trump's support. I'd submit that it's Clinton's support that is being undercounted.

    6. Chastain's offered a lot of research on this question.

  3. Trump won't endorse Ryan. His campaign says he'll end up endorsing Ryan. He endorses Ryan.
    Pence says that the US can't let Russia run rampant in Syria supporting Assad. Trump says let Russia do their thing; he hadn't discussed the situation with Pence.
    Trump says the election is rigged. Pence and Ivanka say the election results will be honored.
    The people closest to him treat him like the crazy relative that no one takes seriously.

    1. Re: Ryan. Just politics.
      Re: Pence. Trump is probably correct, he hasn't discussed it with Pence.
      Re: Trump is correct, the elections are rigged. Pence and Ivanka say the results will be honored because there's nothing that can be done about it. That's how far gone we are as a country.
      Re: Your opinion and interpretation. Interesting you aren't inclined to subject Hillary to criticism, which she is immensely deserving of.

    2. Re: Ryan - An example of an inept campaign from the inside out where even the subordinates don't respect Trump.

      Re: Pence. Trump is probably correct - I'm sure he is; and that's what's so incredible. You would think it would have come up before either's debates (I mean, it's a pretty big deal). Either before Pence's, so he would be in line with his running mate, or have an acceptable answer. Or before Trump's to figure out how to play Pence having the exact opposite stance.

      Instead, Trump is dumbfounded on stage, his only answer "I haven't talked to him"... about going to war with Russia.

      Re: Trump is correct - 31 out of a billion. So, yes, it happens... But, you couldn't consider that statistically significant.

      Re: Your opinion and interpretation - I don't care about Hillary. If we had a candidate that didn't speak with asides to his own asides, who understood the position he's campaigning for, who wasn't such an incredible liability... we wouldn't have to worry about Hillary.

      I'm more afraid of Trump than I am of Hillary. I can, at least, count on Hillary being a politician. Some things will happen that I'm not crazy about, but I'm not a totalitarian. I understand I'm not the only person that matters.

      I wish I could say this was an exaggeration to be sensationalized:

      But you can already see people are finding it more acceptable to act out; the wrong people are feeling emboldened to come out of hiding.

    3. Regarding the lie about the elections being rigged: Either provide concrete proof or shut up. If you say anything else without providing proof, you are lying.

    4. Rb, my reply to Connie isn't showing. Was everything ok with it?

    5. Yes, I don't recall any problems with any of your posts, I hope I didn't fat finger something.

  4. Trump has lost this election. The votes are not rigged and the people are rejecting him and what little of his policies that he has presented. If his followers are stupid enough to take up arms against the lawful government of the United States of America, they're going to die for stupidity.

    Anyone who goes on about no future under Hillary is just running their mouths because they're angry that their racist beliefs are once again being rejected by the majority of Americans.

    1. I agree. I shudder to think that Trumps base takes his bait. Do they break the law and intimidate voters on Election Day? Do they blow up post Election Day? I hope not, but if they do, Donald Trump, the GOP, the right wing echo chamber and free range social media are all to blame. I tend to think that any violent right wing reaction backfires, because let's face it, they don't have enough AR-15's in their doomsday bunkers to win against the US Military. It will be fun to watch them be put down though (not put down as in killed, but put down as in denied their "Revolution".) These Patriot nuts are just that, nuts. Donald Trump is making them promises he can't fulfil, but unfortunately, it's what they want to hear, so there's no telling what kind of conniption fit they're going to have when they finally realize he's not going to MAGA. You would think these idiots would have figured it out by now.

    2. I don't think they will. 99% of them are too old to do anything meaningful in the first place and the others will begin looking for a new leader while they complain and bitch about everything.

      The real crazies are a tiny sliver of that 1% and it wouldn't matter what the cause is. They will ignore the law because they don't like being told no. Most will end up in jail over time because they devolve into crime to support their inability to hold a job which they blame on everything but themselves.

    3. Dimmy: 1. You're not clairvoyant, and the election has not been held yet. You are spouting off. 2. The votes are indeed rigged. Democrats have been rigging elections for generations. 3. What on earth makes you think his followers will take up arms? You're hallucinating. 4. She and the Democrats are indeed determined to destroy and replace the Founders' republic. There is no future for it in a Clinton II regime. 5. You want to see the people of America, especially whites, brought to their knees, Dimmy. That is YOUR racism.

      Jacob: 1. It's funny to watch you hallucinate. 2. I think O'Keefe's undercover videos have shown us who the violent people are -- thugs paid by Democrat dark money (think, Soros). 3. What U.S. Military? Obama has emasculated and decimated the U.S. Military. 4. Seeing conservatives wiped out in a bloodbath is a Democrat/leftist/progressive/socialist/commie dream... 5. Not all revolutions are armed; this one has started; it will keep going. In fact, it will accelerate under a Hillary dictatorship. As I wrote recently on Backsass:

      Many recent events demonstrate that Americans are are sick and tired of the decades-long progressive strong-arming (i.e., political correctness) and they are pushing back. That's why Target is losing money hand-over-fist (and why it changed its "bathroom policy" yet again, and is spending $20 million to accommodate its customers and try to undo its earlier arrogance toward their beliefs). That's why the Washington Post speculates that the "NFL ratings plunge could spell doom for traditional TV" (although the article doesn't even touch on the reason for the ratings plunge; many commenters get it, though). That's why "Birth of a Nation" and "Free State of Jones" bombed at the box office. That's why a brash New York billionaire who knows nothing of the verbal diplomacy needed in political exchanges is running neck and neck with his lying, dirty-trickster progressive opponent in the presidential race. That is why, according to a Gallup poll and other indicators, Americans' trust of the media is at an all-time low.

      But don't take my word for it. Just look at what's happening all around you. Take off your tunnel vision glasses, which show you only what you want to see, and look at reality. Whether Trump wins or not, Hillary Clinton has been shown to be a filthy liar, a cheat (getting rich off the people of HAITI, for cryin' out loud), hater of women, and a blood-thirsty tyrant who can't wait to get her hands on the most powerful office on the planet. If you think allyou suck-ups will be protected from her wrath, you are badly mistaken....

    4. More KKKonnie ranting about things she doesn't like. Keep supporting Trump. I want to laugh at you on the National Day of Gloating as well as the rest of the heritage losers. Of course I do that on a daily basis since you all constantly shoot yourselves in the foot with your Internet postings.

      Hillary is heading to a huge victory which is going to show that the huge wave of people you claim want him to win is just another one of your fantasies of which you have way too many.

  5. And last night, she tells the whole flippin' PLANET that the USA's nuclear response time is four minutes. How many of our enemies are already working to circumvent that timeframe?

    1. More right wing, tinfoil hat, echo chamber regurgitation. You're so inept and easily triggered:

      "A Clinton campaign aide said the information didn't come from a classified briefing, pointing to multiple instances when similar information has been disclosed in public or through open source material.

      In the July 2001 report "Minuteman Weapon System History and Description," authors from Hill Air Force Base in Utah discuss the amount of time needed. The "process of presidential authentication with the Pentagon war room and the formatting of a launch order by the war room prior to its dissemination to the Minuteman firing crews would add another 1 minute or so, for a grand total of 4-5 minutes."

      And Joseph Cirincione, president of the Ploughshares Fund, which specializes in nuclear issues, tweeted out public references to the same assertions regarding timing.

      But even if the information is publicly available, those with clearances cannot reveal anything they learn in a classified setting.

      Asked about the sensitivity of this specific information, US Strategic Command, which oversees the US nuclear arsenal, declined to weigh in on the specifics.

      "We do not disclose operational timelines, but we do work to provide the President as much decision space as possible," Capt. Brook DeWalt, chief spokesperson for Strategic Command, told CNN in a statement.

      Defense Secretary Ash Carter, who appeared at news conference with his South Korean counterpart Thursday, demurred on a similar question about whether such information was classified, saying that the question was "cast in terms of the ongoing presidential campaign.""

      "Most of the people tweeting that Clinton had "leaked" classified information by mentioning this window cited no specific information substantiating that to be true (or explaining how they themselves could know and openly discuss information that was supposedly classified).

      If the information were indeed classified, confirming it with any government agency would prove difficult, for obvious reasons. An alternative method of determining whether Clinton inadvertently disclosed classified information about nuclear protocols would be to verify if that information was already publicly known and open discussed. Indeed, on 5 August 2016 Foreign Policy magazine published an article about that very subject with a subhead that openly proclaimed it:

      The piece had been inspired by (an unsubstantiated) rumor spread by MSNBC host Joe Scarborough suggesting that Donald Trump appeared interested in having the United States use nuclear weapons. The article's author cited a book "Walter Slocombe wrote nearly 30 years ago" as well as a contemporaneous "nuclear timeline" examining whether nuclear "launch under attack" was "feasible." Based on discussion that occurred during the MSNBC segment about the steps leading up to the use of nukes, the article focused on the "timeline" of nuclear events based on an anecdote from 1979:"

      Oh look, a Joe Scarborough angle. How fitting...

    2. I'm thinking of titles for posts on the National Day of Gloating.
      1. Hillary kicks Trump's Ass
      2. Trump loses...YUGE!
      3. Democrats run the table
      4. Diversity wins again while the racists lose again
      5. A mind is a terrible thing to Trump supporters should go to college and learn actual facts

    3. There are only two scenarios where Clinton loses at this point. One is a major polling error, the other is there are tons of silent Trump supporters. I'm doubtful either happens. Trump is a train wreck. Normal, decent Americans reject him, and racist, deplorables embrace him. I have always said Trump was a giant honeypot (not in a Fed entrapment sense, but in a literal pot of honey that attracts racists sense.) As far as exposing who the racists are in America, Trump worked masterfully. All one has to do to find out who your neighborhood white supremacist is, is ride down the street and look for the big Trump sign or check their social media page. They are now forever branded as what we already knew them to be. They took the bait.

  6. There is going to be blood in the streets if she's elected, Jacob. There are a lot of ways she will be a grave danger to the people of the country, but the worse will be gun confiscation. She will attempt that. Gun owners will not give up there weapons. She will cross the Rubicon, violate the Second Amendment and the posse comitatus act and set the military on her own countrymen. She will be America's Joe Stalin. You all think you want the socialism she will bring? Man, how stupid and mistaken you are...

    1. Remember this. They aren't going to disarm you. It will be exactly the same as 1861. You will lose again. They are way too smart to be the aggressors. The first shot will come from the "Patriots" and then they're going to do what needs to be done to restore law and order. This is a lose/lose situation for you tin foil hat nutty buddies.

      I pray there is no violence, because I know how it will end, and it won't be with a US Government loss.

    2. Anybody that takes up arms against the lawfully elected government of the United States of America will be either killed or imprisoned.

      You're just running your mouth with your delusions in this post. Remember when Obama come and took everyone's guns? Oh wait, he didn't.

      Remember when Obama was going to use the Army to take over the country? Oh wait, he didn't.

      Remember when Obama this and Obama that? Remember when Obama did everything you said he would do in 2008? Oh wait, he didn't do any of what you said he would do.

      This is just another WAH from KKKonnie as her Messiah, Donald Trump, takes down the Republican Party and in the process exposes a lot of racism and bigotry in America.

    3. It's not just Connie though, and this isn't just rhetoric coming from the South. There are a large number of people who identify as "Patriots". In their mind, they are right about everything, the government is evil, we have no freedom, everything is rigged against us, and on, and on, and on. We saw in Mahluer, that there are some folks who are dumb enough to attempt this shit, so I wouldn't write it off as a possibility, even though by and large, I think they're just a bunch of big talking bluffers. The majority of these folks would turn tail and run facing the military might of the US government. They few dumb enough not to would be obliterated. That would be the end of that.

    4. Don't underestimate the stupidity of the far right.

    5. "There's going to be blood on the streets if she's elected."

      Oh? And how do you know this? Who will be doing the wounding, and who will be doing the bleeding?

      Or is this just another empty Chastain threat/promise?

      Surely if you know who will be inflicting the wounds, you would report them to the local authorities ... unless you want violence. Maybe you do.


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