Putting Lipstick on a Pig: Apparently, even a farm animal has more courage than Susan Hathaway...

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Meet the Virginia Flagers newest unofficial mascot, Corporal Charles "Crosby" Bacon, reporting for duty at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. That's more than we can say for some Flaggers. I can't help but wonder what Crosby might look like in a red dress...

The good ol' days! (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Nine Inch Nails - March of the Pigs

Restoring the honor!


  1. Bearing false witness again. Has nothing to do with courage....

    1. Corporal Crosby, leadership you can count on.

    2. "Private Porchop, reporting for duty, Sir!"

    3. Connie's right, has nothing to do with courage...it has everything to do with Character...Suzy isn't willing to put her job and economic status on the line for a flag she love...well...loves only so much since putting it on a pig or dog is still ok apparently.

    4. You don't know what she did about her job, Corey. You are swallowing what Simpson says (you worship him, don't you) -- and he doesn't know what she did about her job, either. What Simpson says is motivated by hatred.

      Also, you have no authority to criticize what people do with the flag of their heritage, since you admitted you don't care how badly your own country's flag of sovereignty is trashed and disrespected. This is why your criticism of the heritage community has no moral or ethical basis .... because YOU don't.

    5. Susan has more courage and character -- not to mention morals and ethics -- in her little finger than you have in your whole damnyankee ancestry (paraphrased). All you heritage haters and anti-racist jackasses have no moral base, no center. Y'all are soulless and superficial... This whole blog proves it, as all heritage-hater blogs prove....

    6. Oh Connie, I do have a right and authority, enshrined in the Constitution, to criticize people about the "heritage" and "flag". You seem to forget that my ancestors fought to defeat your ancestors and their "heritage" and "flag". But again you may call us soulless and superficial but at least we know the history and have it on our side. You and the Flaggers do not.

    7. Your ancestors were motivated by hate, just like you. There are HUGE CHUNKS of history you leave our or ignore in order to have your pat little good/evil beliefs -- so, you have false history on your side. Falsity -- that's the number one characteristic of leftist heritage haters.... in fact, the entire left. Total sham.

    8. Prove it Connie...I dare you.

    9. My ancestors were motivated by hate...oh now you can read crystal balls? They were motivated by restoring the Union.


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