Our State Flask Foundation?

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Folks we had this story before anyone, and now two-bit hacks like John Binder are standing around, looking all dumb with egg on his face. Maybe you should stick with what you're good at John, sensationalist blog posts.

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When all else fails, just make shit up.

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Oh boy. 

Restoring the honor!


  1. How many underage drunks were at the game, but didn't get arrested because they didn't have a state flag? This guy was targeted by the cops because he had a flag. More of the train of lies by Ole Miss. Sticks with flags, banners and pompoms on them were allowed in the stadium for YEARS, maybe DECADES. How many times were they used as a weapon? In fact, how many accidents were there involving sticks?

    And flags, banners, etc., never used to render those sitting behind them blind. When did that happen?

    And how come sticks and flags don't have these same breathtaking -- unbelievable, really -- effects in countless OTHER football stadiums from border to border and coast to coast?

    Ole Miss lies. It's goal is the Stalin-like purging of Confederate heritage on campus, regardless of how it tries to paper over its motive with fake justification....

  2. Once again, KKKonnie the KKKarpet is busy lying and denying. She rejects the facts that don't fit into her belief system.

    Don't bother replying with more of your lies, KKKonnie. I am using a flowchart for discussions. If you don't use the facts, you aren't part of the discussion.

  3. Dimmy, you couldn't identify a lie in my comment if your life depended on it. I never reply with lies, Dimmy.

  4. LOL! And the river in Egypt has its female companion living in Florida.

  5. That's not identifying a lie in my comments. Try again, Dimmy.

  6. Yes, you did lie by claiming the arrested person was targeted and no one else was. That is not a legal defense in court. Also, in this case, the individual instigated the arrest through his behavior which was outside the norm of the people around him. You might as well be saying, "Why was I arrested for speeding when everyone else was speeding?" That does not hold up in court.

    So once again, what you have done is whine and make a statement that has no legal basis. In short, you lied. Obviously there is no discussion taking place for that reason. Of course this flowchart also uses two sections that you absolutely refuse to abide by, we do not have a conversation. What we have is you whining and lying which does not make for a discussion.

    1. http://restoringthehonor.blogspot.com/2016/10/reader-submission-connie-chastains.html

    2. Dimmy, what makes my statement NOT a lie is, "...didn't get arrested because they didn't have a state flag."

      If anyone else was arrested because of the flag, it hasn't made news. Others who may have been drunk and disorderly were not targeted like Wood, Dimmy, because they didn't have STATE FLAGS. Wood was arrested because of the flag, Dimmy. Others may have been arrested for drunkenness, especially if they drove drunk after the game. Wood was initially targeted because of THE FLAG -- harassed, detained, manhandled -- before the flask was even found. The drunk and disorderly charges were concocted after that.

    3. He wasn't arrested for the flag. None of the charges have anything to do with the flag. The fact of the matter is, had he not had a non-regulation flag, the police probably never would have come into contact with him. His behavior was responsible for this incident. End of story, so stop your lying.

    4. KKKonnie, see the flowchart above. You once again have lied and made an accusation that has no bearing on the discussion.

  7. When Fascism Came to Ole Miss -- Ryan S. Walters


    Wood was harassed about THE FLAG and manhandled by police because of THE FLAG and subjected to foul language by the police because of THE FLAG and detained by the police because of THE FLAG and HANDCUFFED because of THE FLAG. How the false charge of disorderly conduct occurred (from the article):

    "While handcuffed, the officers frisked him, and then found a flask of alcohol. So police ultimately charged him with public intoxication and possession of alcohol by a minor, since he is only 20 years old, and disorderly conduct, even though Wood was polite throughout the ordeal, referring to the officers as “sir” and saying he “respected” them, and never once used foul language like the arresting officers did.

    "Of course the Vitter administration, occupying the Ole Miss Ivory Tower of Babel, could quickly see the public relations disaster that might be ahead, put out the erroneous story that Wood was arrested, not for the flag, but for drunkenness."


    "Since the mid-1990s, and the start of the illustrious career of Coach Tommy Tuberville, Ole Miss has, slowly and methodically, began the process of dismantling Southern traditions at the school. Beginning with the infamous “stick ban,” which common sense-minded citizens knew was really about getting rid of the Confederate flag, to retiring “Colonel Reb,” to now banning the playing of “Dixie” by the band, we are seeing a Stalin-style purge of school history.

    "But it won’t stop there. Other symbols will soon be in the crosshairs of administration fascists. Let me go on record and predict that the team name “Rebels” and even the nickname “Ole Miss,” with its connection to the plantations in the Old South, will be the next to vanish."

    To see that Ole Miss is lying, just look at the giant inflatable sharks, etc., that are allowed in the crowd, despite obstructing the view of people behind them.

    Ole Miss is setting preceded for the establishment of a police state. Right now it is small-scale and isolated. But with the nationwide mad, rabid, spitting lust on the left for suppression, not just of ideas, but people this will grow. Note that with the confiscation of flags, stickers, handbills, etc., this is no longer just a First Amendment issue, but a Fourth Amendment issue.

    It's sad, but not surprising, that some people's hatred of Confederate history, symbols, etc., is so great that to get rid of them, they are willing to dismantle the First and Fourth Amendments, which effectively guts the Bill of Rights, and to pave the way for an eventual totalitarian police state.

    Read the article for a sequence of events to show that the "drunk and disorderly" charges are trumped up. Charges did not even occur to the policeman-bully until he found the flask, AFTER he had already harassed, detained, manhandled and cuffed Wood about THE FLAG.

    If things do not change, Ole Miss will go down in history as one of the major factors in the downfall of the United States...

  8. "Wood was harassed about THE FLAG and manhandled by police because of THE FLAG and subjected to foul language by the police because of THE FLAG and detained by the police because of THE FLAG and HANDCUFFED because of THE FLAG. How the false charge of disorderly conduct occurred (from the article):"

    Wrong on all accounts. Wood was in possession of a banned item, a banned item which the school has every right to ban, and every person attending the game has a duty to respect. Wood is a little punk, and that's really what the whole Heritage movement is, a bunch of little punks who don't now how to be adults. He wasn't harassed at all. If you've seen any evidence of "manhandling", I'd like to see it because the videos I saw showed nothing of the sort. Oh dear, your poor snowflake ears were subjected to the word "bullshit". How will you ever recover? I don't blame that cop one bit. I think it's perfectly fine for a cop to call bullshit on someone spewing bullshit. Wood was breaking the rules. The police gave him a choice for a peaceful resolution, obviously he took option B. In addition, he was allegedly drunk, or impaired enough to warrant a public drunk charge and allegedly was in possession of a flask while not legally being old enough to be in possession of said flask. In my opinion, the police did nothing wrong. From the facts I've seen, this put was mocking the authority of the school and the police. He wanted to play a game, and he lost. Now y'all just want to play victim again.

    1. All those gosh darned rules:


      The police had every right to do what they did. Y'all better check yourselves.

    2. He wasn't "drunk" and didn't "warrant a public drunk charge" until they found the flask while frisking him, after all the other crap they had done to him. (How is it that they didn't see the drunk and disorderly behavior until they found the flask?) and yes, the cop's remark shows that his conduct was more disorderly than Wood's. (The report says Wood was deferential to the cop, called him "sir" and such. You have a very peculiar view of what punkish behavior is. I guess for you it's the behaveior of anybody who carries flags you don't like.) Besides, why should Wood have to obey the rules when the flippin' university itself doesn't obey them?

      The victim, mule, is not us -- it is our free republic...

      This is fascism. Why aren't you "anti-fa" people all over it? Well, because you aren't really against fascism. You're against imaginary racism...

    3. 1) What exactly is your point? So cops that frisk someone like a felon, and find a stolen and unregistered weapon should forget about that simply because it wasn't the original reason for the stop? You're a real mental heavyweight.

      2) What crap did they do to him?

      3) That little snot nosed brat probably called him sir because he thought if he lied to the officers face nicely everything would be ok. If you want mt opinion he believed that, by simply being "polite" they would look past his disrespect for their authority, that it would insulate him. I feel like it was done in a condescending way, almost as if to mock their authority, but that's just my opinion. Dylan is welcome to chime in and tell us what he thinks at any time.

  9. That picture of me isn't even from the right game....... it's from the Bama game. My cup more than likely had sweet tea in it, but gah Lee goodness I'm flattered someone cares so much haha

    1. 1) Yah bro. No one said it was. I'm really glad you've decided to join the conversation.

      2) Fair enough.

      3) Now, perhaps you'd like to give your account of events. I know I'd love to hear it. The school issued a statement and it appeared to me to verify their account of what they say happened. Also, are you planning on going forward with legal action?

    2. I was hoping Mr. Wood was going to stick around and help us understand what transpired from his perspective, but I guess not.

    3. Except for me and BR, this blog is a den of vipers. I would counsel Mr. Wood to not come here.

    4. LOL. Obviously he's too skeered to come back.


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