Our State Flag Foundation's Andrew Soper shares post by "The Dangerous Faggot", Milo Yiannopoulos, who bathed in pigs blood at Pro-Trump, Neo-Facist event...

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Our State Flag Foundation's Andrew Soper recently shared a Facebook post by controversial far-right activist Milo Yiannopoulos. Yiannopoulos is part of the new breed of Alt-Right activists who are taking over the American Right wing. This past weekend, Yiannopoulos, who calls himself "The Dangerous Faggot" took part in a Neo-Fascist art event which was also marked by the presence of both James O'Keefe, founder of Project Veritas, and Gavin McInnes, co-founder of Vice Media.

The biggest draw of the event was a "performance art piece" which featured Yiannopoulos, in the nude, save for a white Trump "Make America Great Again" hat, bathing in a bathtub full of pigs blood in front of photos of Americans who have been killed by foreigners. The core message of the piece is that foreigners are bad, and our borders should be completely closed. Anti-Immigrant sentiment, it should be noted, is a staple of the Alt-Right hate movement.

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

The Trump themed event, titled "Daddy Will Save Us" also featured photographs of half nude, underage looking "boys" in MAGA hats.

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Via The Daily Beast:

"“Martin Shkreli is really fucking around with me here.”
Lucian Wintrich is pacing the floor of his East Village walkup, chain-smoking cigarettes and drinking white wine. It is 2:30 in the afternoon on a Thursday, and a little more than 48 hours until Wintrich’s performance art show, #DaddyWillSaveUs, which Wintrich is billing as the first pro-Trump art show in the nation’s history, is set to open.
“Art show,” however, is perhaps not the right phrase. #DaddyWillSaveUs was more of a chance for liberals’, or, for that matter, mainstream Americans’ most hated villains to come together to see if they could offend people further. The show is a museum piece of precisely the kind of degraded public culture that Trump had unleashed, dropping its pants before anyone who dares believe civil norms can still be saved.
Besides infamous tech bro Shkreli, who has apparently taken up sculpture in his spare time (and who seems to be under the impression that Wintrich will actually assemble the installation, hence the “fucking around”), Wintrich said the show is slated to feature Internet provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos bathing in a tub of pig’s blood (to showcase Islamic anti-gay violence), Vice co-founder Gavin McInnes dressed as a white slave, and a number of paintings parodying George Soros and other liberal luminaries. James O’Keefe, the video saboteur who helped bring down ACORN, insisted on donating the “pimp coat” he used for that exposé, but Wintrich convinced him that the show was more creatively focused than historical.
Except that the morning before, Pierogi, a prestigious art gallery in Williamsburg that was slated to host the show, abruptly cancelled, because, gallery owner Joe Amrhein told the website Artnet, he had been “conned” about the true nature of the show.
“Our understanding of it, up to this point, is as a satirical, Andy Kaufman-esque project by the comedian/artist,” he said, pledging to donate any money raised from the now-nonexistent show to the Hillary Clinton campaign, which he said would serve as a “hopefully fitting irony for this narcissist asshole.”
Wintrich says that Amrhein—who didn’t return a phone call seeking comment—is lying, and that instead he buckled under pressure after receiving nearly a hundred emails excoriating him for participating.
And so now Wintrich and his business partner, Baton Rouge-based Republican political operative Ali Akbar, are calling seemingly every empty warehouse, gallery and event space in the five boroughs. They had until 5 o’clock on Thursday, or they would have had to cancel the entire show, since people are flying in from all over the country for it and at least 50 press outlets are expected to cover it."

Yes folks, this is the future of the Right wing, and apparently, soon, the Heritage movement as well. One has to wonder what exactly Soper finds worthy of a re-share in the depravity that is the self-made spectacle that is Milo Yiannopoulos.

Restoring the honor!


  1. LOL! If this exercise in degeneracy were being done in the name of Hillary Clinton, you'd be praising it to the heavens. LOL!

    1. No I wouldn't. I am voting for Clinton, but the only reason that I am is because of the Supreme Court, that's it. Otherwise, I think she's a terrible, slimy candidate. Your attempt to try and imply that I'm a brain dead Hillary bobblehead is laughable. If I had my choice, she wouldn't be my candidate, but I don't, and I have to choose between doing nothing, or at least helping to contribute to influencing the next Supreme Court appointment. Although the Democratic Party platform is a ways away from what we would have liked to have seen, it's much better than what the imploding Republican Party has to offer. I'm not one of these Leftists who believes that I'm making a difference by sitting it out. The system is totally fucking broken, but I'm going to take the lesser of two evils. But, this display is totally legal but completely fucking disgusting. They have a right to do it, and I have a right to say it's disgusting. What I note though, is that you're here to attack me for insisting it's disgusting. That's interesting. It says a lot about you as a person methinks.

      Honestly, I think someone taking a dump on a flag or pissing on a statue of Jesus is equally reprehensible, but, I still respect their right to do it. In no way am
      I saying that he doesn't have a right to do this, or that he shouldn't, what I'm saying is that we can tell a lot about the right by who it is they elevate. For instance Milo. This dude is a total fucking turd, and yet no one on the right is voicing any opposition. Y'all don't give a fuck who represents your interests or how, simple as that. I highly doubt Mr. Soper has no idea who Milo is, although I concede it's possible. It would seem that the question now is, how will his behavior change in light of this? I doubt it will at all, because this is the sad reality of the right.

    2. I suspect the vast majority of people on the right have never heard of Milo Whatshizname....

  2. If this person was endorsing HRC, then Chastain would be denouncing it as typical of her supporters.

    So I guess we should employ her reasoning and say this fellow is typical of Trump supporters.

    Maybe Chastain will write a touching, sensitive novel about him. Or at least she might produce a dust jacket.

    1. It's much more typical of leftwingers than rightwingers.

      About him who? Milo Whatshizname? Lucian Wintrich?

  3. More deets on Milo's Trump themed art show:


  4. Art gallery apologizes after allowing art show by gay Nazis for Trump:



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