Oh this hypocrisy is killing me...

(Images courtesy of Facebook)

Timing couldn't be any more perfect.

(Images courtesy of Facebook)

This is just crazy. How on earth does Burl have time to pass out beatings to people he doesn't agree with when he has such an enormous collection of racist cartoons and collectibles to keep up on? We will have to wait and see if the moral giants straighten him out.

Restoring the honor!


  1. Did Burl beat anybody up? Link, please.

    1. Never said he did. I'll note that actions are usually preceded by words. It is illogical to believe he's going to take the action described above. My commentary is about the hypocrisy of individuals who make up the Heritage movement. You know, the types of folks who have no problem condemning people who condemn violence and hate while having nothing to say about those who practice those things IRL. Words have meaning.

    2. Headline of original story said the kid that got beat up made "pro-police" statements. Is that what you mean by words preceding actions?

      Burl is one guy. He doesn't "make up" the heritage movement. I know you strive mightily to make one person's comments a movement-wide belief, shared by all. You do that a lot. Typical leftist smear-technique. That's one reason why your hate-blog is soooo lacking in influence.


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