Never too early to start thinking ahead...

I say Clinton is a one term President, but Michelle? That has two terms written all over it.

Restoring the honor!


  1. While I really like Michelle Obama and her classiness, I don't think she has any plans whatsoever to run for president. Having watched the incredible amount of crap her husband has successfully dealt with from the rabid pack of obstructionists who have failed repeatedly to tear the Obama's apart.

    Then again, she could run just to piss off the conservatives, but I really think that's not going to happen. I have a feeling she can piss them off just by speaking which is what she plans to do.

  2. I'm just trying to twist our friends niblets. :)

    1. Which,as we see here often,is so very easily done. They're cut from the same, thin-skinned, cloth as their Dear Leader, the Orange Sh!t Gibbon.

    2. If you really want to give them fits, remind them of Barack's approval rating. I know that there are a ton of folks totally checking out of politics because they're fed up with not getting the results they want fast enough, but I'm not one of them, I look at our country as a work in progress. Was BO a perfect President? No. Did I agree with him on everything? No. But by and far, he was much better than the alternatives, and a majority agree, and that fact sends them into outer orbit. Can you imagine the meltdowns they would have if MO ran in 2020?

  3. They just opened a cool new library named after her within walking distance from where I live. I thought it was rather odd that they picked a current FLOTUS. Since it has new 'puters (as opposed to this fossil I am using) I shall be going there often.

  4. This blog is proof positive that liberal "tolerance" is a dangerous lie.

    1. You just do not like this blog because your opinions are exposed as the racist garbage they are. You have nothing better in your life to do than whine about things that don't fit into your belief system because you are afraid to learn. Everything you don't like is liberal to you. Even worse, you are terrified that you are a failure, that America is not the way you wanted it to be, nor is it going to become what you want it to be.

      Face the facts, you lost the culture wars because what you believe in is rooted in a lie.

    2. No, they're not, Dimmy. You just don't have the range of openmindedness to see reality, and you wear race-and-hate colored glasses.

      Speaking of whining, did you ever call Principal Chief Bill John Baker of the Cherokee Nation and tell him not let me in? You are pathetic, you know it? You have to put people down, foment hate for them, in order to feel good about yourself.

      The culture war was lost because leftist ideologues like you took over education -- and the media, government, etc. -- and set out to destroy the American republic and turn it into a socialist state. I guess you think that's victory. You'd rather see the country knee deep in blood and skulls (like the USSR after the Bolsheviks, like the PRC after the revolution, like Cambodia after Pol Pot, like North Korea, like North Vietnam ... like every socialist/communist murdering government of the 20th century) than to have whites preferring to associate with whites, and blacks preferring to associate with blacks ... than to see marriage defined as between a man and a woman ... than to see unborn children cherished and protected in the womb...and on and on and on...

      Leftism, progressivism, socialism is about DEATH, Dimmy. It's time you got that through your head. Igor Shafarevich was a mathematician and Soviet dissident. He studied socialism going back centuries, before it was called socialism, and wrote about it in his book published in the 1970s, The Socialist Phenomenon. He observed that socialism didn't need to be identified by name -- it could be identified by its goals -- the destruction of 1. private property, 2. the nuclear family and 3. traditional religion.

      Shafarevich wrote that, throughout history, socialists have been obsessed with material equality and with the eradication of individual and gender differences. He said socialism is at war with the normal; it strives for self-destruction, for nothingness. He concluded that the death of man is the true goal of socialism. Without even realizing it, the socialism pursues the death of the human race.

      You ought to read his book, Dimmy. It's a free download. I don't ever expect you pathetic socialist "progressives" to admit the horrific error of your ways, but need to know just what it is you are wishing for the human race....

      You educmacators are doing a great job. There are idiots coming out of our colleges and universities today who think George Bush killed more people than Joe Stalin....

    3. The culture wars are occurring because ignorant people like you don't like it when their beliefs are refuted by factual evidence.

      All you do is lie about the past to sustain what you want to believe in. Too bad for you I used facts again in three classes to educate more people while all you did was whine and lie.

    4. You might want to look back at the Founding Fathers and their ideas which bordered on socialism. Of course if you prefer capitalism, then explain why capitalism has increased the wealth of the few while increasing the poverty of the many.


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