My gift...

Look what I received in the mail from a Flagger friend today! Thanks pal. Y'all Flaggers can never be too careful. Never know who you're talking to.

How does it look on me? You'll never guess the things that my insider Flagger friend tells me. Later folks, not now...

Mudhoney - This Gift

Restoring the honor!


  1. The Flaggers and their supporters have never been aware of the leaks in their own ranks. How do you think I learned about why Susan no longer protests outside the VMFA?

    Trust me, there is a lot of leaked information that never makes the light of day, but informs subsequent reporting.

    1. Well, we don't talk about EVERYTHING that we know. Can't give away all of our secrets.

  2. "... leaks in their own ranks..." LOL How long have you been claiming this without a scintilla of proof, Simpson?

    It never makes the light of day because it would show the VaFlaggers to be decent folks, and it would show y'all to be, by comparison, bullies, harassers and cyberstalkers.

    Your "secrets", Jacob, are figments, wishful thinking, empty claims....

  3. BTW, Simpson, whoever at the VMFA told you that is not in the ranks of the VaFlaggers.

    1. No one from the VMFA told me that, Chastain.

      There you go again, talking about things you know nothing about.

      I've always said that Hathaway should stand up for herself in this instance and show what kind of person she is. Then again, ducking and failing to show the courage she hails in her Confederate ancestors shows me what kind of person she is.

      That the Flaggers don't stand by her and encourage her to assert herself tells me what kind of folks they are.

      BTW, did you or your fellow Flagger PR people ever reveal that Mr. Gatsby has settled his legal issues successfully ... far more successfully than did Mr. Lewis? I think not. Why are all of you so dishonest?


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