Meet a nice, normal Virginia Flaggers supporter named Jason Bertera...

Jason Bertera vows to come to a Lee-Jackson Day event promoted by the Virginia Flaggers. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Folks, the Virginia Flaggers can always count on their supporters, like Jason Bertera to be there when they need them most.

The Virginia Flaggers like Mr. Bertera's comment. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

And as you can see, the Flaggers love to have the support of fine, upstanding folks, just like Mr. Bertera.

From Left: Jason Bertera, and Klansmen Jeremy Phillips, and Greg "Thor Henderson" Calhoun at Stone Montain.
(Image courtesy of Facebook)

White Nationalist Dennis Durham shares hate group propaganda with Jason Bertera in Washington, DC last year. Susan Hathaway attended the same rally. (Image courtesy of Twitter)

Jason Bertera displays a Confederate Flag at a rally with the Neo-Nazi White Lives Matter movement in Houston, Texas. Note the "14 Words" sign. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Jason Bertera, white nationalist. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Restoring the honor!


  1. Folks, I have made some discoveries about this event. I'll share soon! ;)

  2. Wait, don't tell me. They came to you in a dream... LOL!

    1. Or did they come from the voices in your head? LOL!

  3. Why didn't you post my questions? They were pertinent to the post.


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