Make America Hate Again: Samuel L. Jackson grew up during the "Again" era of America...

Yes folks. The "Again" era of America. We all know what it is they want. We all know what they mean when they say they want to "Make America Great Again". They want segregation. They want equal rights for whites, and whites only. They want all of the money. They want the best schools. They want the best jobs. They want it all, and they can have it, but they're going to have to learn to share. We aren't going back. We've come too far to turn around now. 

Restoring the honor!


  1. Make America Great Again (if you ever actually listened to Trump) is ECONOMIC. It means bringing economic prosperity back to the country. Perfectly clear in his speeches. You have to be an idiot to miss it or misinterpret it.

  2. Oh, and don't forget making it safe again... by kicking out 11,000,000+ people, revising the Constitution, restricting immigration based on religion, etc... etc... etc...

    1. Yes, their hatred for non-whites is why Trump is their nominee. They were in denial when we told them they were taking such a huge gamble. They didn't want to hear it. They're stuck with him now.

      Come November, it will be time to see if they follow through on their violent rhetoric. I think what's more likely is that they bend over, brace for impact and take it like a champ. They've been telling us for years how they're going to fight, we'll see. Connie has already conceded that America is finished if HRC wins. Their Confederate ancestors would be ashamed at how quickly and easily they are signaling that they will fold. All talk, no fortitude.

    2. Here is what Donald Trump has done to the Republican Party, and what is the eventual direction of Confederate Heritage:

      By the way, the guy in the MAGA hat, bathing in pigs blood? That's Milo, aka "The Dangerous Faggot". Thanks Donald, good job.

    3. " kicking out 11,000,000+ people, revising the Constitution, restricting immigration based on religion, etc... etc... etc..."

      What an extraordinary hallucination!

    4. Totally different situation now, Jacob.

    5. I agree with Chastain. Reciting what Trump has actually said could strike normal people as the product of extraordinary hallucination. But for those of us who have encountered Chastain herself over the years, we're used to that, because she models such behavior.


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