Make America Hate Again: Is Hillary Clinton peaking in the polls?

(Image courtesy of 538)

If the pattern above repeats, and it probably will, then yes. Her poll numbers are probably flattening out now and will soon begin to descend. Sometime around election day, her and Trump will probably be separated by only a few percentage points. I always said this was going to be close, and I still think it will be. I would expect a Trump bombshell to drop sometime between November 1-3. Will it be the rumored N-word bomb? Make popcorn.

Restoring the honor!


  1. I cringed the entire time last debate. The format seemed perfect for a complete meltdown from him. At times, he rambled so from point to the point, even I forgot the question.

    I really expect some kind of meltdown in the next debate. He had a few cringey comments ("You'd be in jail", etc...). But, I think he'll really be feeling the pressure at the next one.


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