Let The Band Play Football: The Delta Flaggers make fools of themselves, by claiming Ross Bjork is the University of Mississippi band director...

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

I'll tell you what's laughable Stevie, how much of an outsider you have proven yourself to be by not even being able to identify Ross Bjork for who he actually is, the Director of Athletics at the University of Mississippi. FAIL!

(Image courtesy of the University of Mississippi)

The Delta Flaggers. What a bunch of total tools! Bwahahahahahaha!!!

Restoring the honor! 


  1. One guy mis-identifies one photo and ALL the Delta Flaggers are at fault? Typical dishonesty, Jacob, using one person to try to smear an entire group. That is your stock in trade and its's all over this blog.

    Regardless of the position he holds, if the position is with Ole Miss, he's breaking the rules -- rules the Lyin' University binds on everyone else, but lets their employees off the hook. That kind of unethical practics is far worse than one person -- is he even a Delta Flagger? -- mis-identifying a photo.

    You need to examine your heart and motives, Jacob...

    1. This is more than "mis-identification", this is evidence of someone who is interjecting where they have no business. If you are that unfamiliar with who you're talking about, then that is evidence you're out of your league and out of your area. The Delta Flaggers should stay away from the University, they are outsiders who don't belong there, kinda like people who live in Sandston butting their nose into business in Charlottesville.

    2. Oh, by the way you dolt, he's not breaking any rules because that photo was taken in 2014, and it wasn't even at the University (not even in the state). Now you look like a fool too, not knowing about that which you speak of. How do you ever talk with all of those feet in your mouth?

      Here is what Mr. Bjork had to say about the photo earlier today, when I reached him by email:


      As you might expect I take many pictures with our fans all over the place. This picture was taken in Lafayette Louisiana during the 2014 baseball super regional. This was someone else's flag and they asked if I would take a picture so I obliged."

      Now, why don't you run along and play with your tinker toys while real adults talk about facts and shit.

    3. They have as much business there as you do, Robert. Looking like a fool (though I don't think that's what it is) for mis-identifying a photo stacks up quite favorably compared to your bearing false witness re: the VaFlaggers and Steven Monk...

    4. So are you denying that there is an image of Steven Monk, KKK member and Susan Hathaway on Stone Mountain?

    5. Why, no, Corey. I'm denying that the image indicates what Robert implied -- that Susan and Monk are/were associates, and that she knew of his KKK promotion. Do you process all this stuff so shallowly because you choose to or because that level is all you're capable of?

    6. They don't know each other? Maybe I should email him and ask him directly how the two know each other. I'd ask Susan the same question but she refuses to acknowledge I exist, wonder why?

    7. Dishonest question, and you know it. I didn't say anything about them not knowing each other. I said that Monk and Susan are not associates. You can email whoever you like... Susan generally doesn't answer anybody who spends so much time trying to convince others to hate her.

  2. Well Connie, if that was the only image of Suzy with a white supremacist I would pass it off as a coincidence, but it isn't so I believe I am on point here.


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