League of the South looking to capitalize on Post-Trump loss anger with secession petitions...

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Folks, as I said weeks ago, come November 8th, there are going to be a ton of stunned Trump supporters. Trump knows he is going to lose the election, which is why he is pushing this "rigged" election rhetoric so hard. Trump's supporters know it as well, they are just having a hard time admitting it. So where do all of these folks turn to next for their next, even more better, Great White Savior? Hate groups like the League of the South are banking on capitalizing on all of that pent up anger with secession petitions. They want to get the petitions out now, so that when the shock wears off, all of those angry Southerners will be ripe for their picking. I've said before that there are a certain number of Rainbow Confederates who will find this message attractive, and then there will be others who will be too skeered to throw in with white nationalists. It will be fun to watch this all play out. Any guesses which side folks like Hathaway and Chastain shake out on? The League also says in the podcast that they are going to try and float some of their younger white nationalists for local political office. Can't wait! The hate group also claims to be in contact with the family of Brian Ogle (although they don't explicitly use his name), and are planning a demonstration in Ogle's hometown of Sylacauga, Alabama in the near future. I can't help but wonder if Ogle's family realizes who they are allegedly in contact with?

A recent tweet from the President of the League of the South. (Image courtesy of Twitter)

Restoring the honor!


  1. Didn't we see a number of these post-Obama win? And nothing ever came of them. LOL

    1. Yes. In that last wave, the most successful of all of the petitions was started by a Nazi named Nicholas Jordan. He is literally a sieg heiling Nazi. The goal is not to secede, it is to create mailing lists.

  2. If they don't like living in the United States of America, they can leave. They can pack up their stuff and get the hell out of the United States. There are plenty of other countries for them to move to. If they think they are going to secede, well then, all I have to say is United States Armed Forces. If they think they can take on the US Army, then they're a special kind of dumbass idiot with a death wish.


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