Hate Not Heritage: Hate group leader issues action alert for apparent opposition to Lexington diversity and anti-racism rally...

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The President of the League of the South, a designated hate group, has issued an action alert for members of the groups Virginia chapter, for a tentative January demonstration on the same day that an anti-racist group will be holding a Pro-diversity march in Lexington, Virginia. According to various social media posts, the white nationalist hate group will tentatively be joined (at arms length) in Lexington by several different "Heritage" organizations to include the Virginia Flaggers, the Order of the Confederate Rose, the Army of Northern Virginia Mechanized Cavalry (aka SCV biker gang), ACTBAC, Virginia Volunteers of the Confederacy, Sons of Liberty III% SW VA militia, and possibly some random Klansmen.

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Although all of these groups have indicated that they will be probably show up in Lexington on January 14th, at this time, we only know of one group who has successfully secured a permit to assemble, C.A.R.E. Rockbridge. In a separate posting on a LOSer Facebook page, League President Michael Hill cryptically tells his white nationalist members to "have whatever gear is necessary for your mission". Hill goes on to say that the action alert "is a step beneath a full-scale call to report for action"

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

We will sit back and wait for the Heritage movement to speak out against the white nationalists apparent plans to assemble in Lexington on a day already earmarked for peace, love, diversity, inclusion and anti-racism, which strangely enough, appears to be all of the same things the Heritage folks will be assembling to oppose. Strange days indeed. 

The Doors - Strange Days

Restoring the honor!


  1. Ah...a "Directive" with a number (Date)...must be serious...LOL

    1. Cute, isn't it? Who cannot laugh at this putz? What a joke. 20 plus years, what have they ever accomplished?

    2. He must feel important issuing a "directive" from his throne (AKA: Shitter) at their building down in Alabama.


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