Free Dylan Wood!

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Folks, please help the brave Dylan Wood raise the money needed for a wonderful attorney like the great Kirk Lyons. Please give generously! When reached by phone earlier today, a representative for the University of Mississippi Police Department told me that he was not arrested because of the flag, but because of disorderly conduct, "public drunk" (her words, not mine), and possession of alcohol under 21. Clearly they should go with the "Becuz Flag" defense strategy...

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Here is the statement I received earlier today regarding this incident, via email from Tim Potts, University of Mississippi Director of University Police and Campus Safety:

“I will not discuss specific cases.  If we are speaking in general terms, there is NO requirement for a breathalyzer for public drunk.  The odor of an alcoholic beverage and visible signs of impairment are enough.  I am not sure of the specifics of the case, but I would assume there is more to the story.   
Banners/flags were passed out by a group on campus. Though it has been publicized what the size limitation is for the stadium, the group opted to hand out banners/flags that were OVER the 8.5” X 11” size that has been widely communicated.  They measured 12” x 18.5” (and attached to sticks which are not allowed), and then there were some large banners/flags in the stadium as well.  We enforced the stadium policy.  If people are hiding the articles to get them into the stadium, then they know they should not have them inside.  When confronted by police or event management staff, they then have three options, relinquish the item, leave with the item, or do neither and be arrested for failure to comply (NOT for having a banner).  Refusing to give up the item and staying inside the stadium is not an option.  We provide the options and people make their own choice.  People may not agree with the policy, so they have the option to not attend the game.  Smoking is not against state law, but is against university policy.  We deal with many more people about putting their cigarettes out, and generally they do so without incident.  Our message is the same …put it out or you can leave.  It’s unfortunate that some people want to make it more than what it is, enforcing a stadium policy.  People may not agree with the policy, but it is the policy and we will continue to enforce it.    I can tell you the very first thing we dealt with Saturday was a sign for homecoming.  It was over 8.5” x 11” so the person opted to give the sign to someone outside the stadium.  Those against the policy will never understand or agree with the enforcement of the policy.”

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Looks like one of our friends chipped in. Bravo Mrs. Hathaway. Bravo.

Restoring the honor!


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