Editorial Sentiment: Will the Flaggers ever learn?

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Editorial sentiment via GoDanRiver:

"It’s worth remembering that just a few days before Danville City Council passed the ordinance, Wayne Byrd, president of the Danville Chapter of the Heritage Preservation Association made this statement:
“If they do take [the Confederate flag at the Sutherlin Mansion] down, I’ll find out who ordered it, who drove the cherry-picker to it and who rode up in the basket to remove it, and they will be served with warrants for stealing it. It’s our flag, not the city’s.”
It was their flag, but it was the city government’s land, and the city government changed its mind on this issue last summer. It wanted the Confederate flag honored inside the museum, not on the front lawn a few feet from Main Street.
In response, the flaggers fought back. They filed the lawsuit and they started erecting flagpoles throughout the Dan River Region.
We can only wonder what would have happened if the flaggers had channeled their disappointment, frustration and anger with the city government in another direction. What would have happened if they had worked with the city government to develop “Last Capital tourism” or lobbied for more city dollars to better maintain the Sutherlin Mansion?
That would have been more productive than a lawsuit that was doomed to failure and flags that haven’t convinced anyone to change their mind.
Two decades ago, flaggers got 5,000 petition signatures and the support of seven member of city council. Last August, they got two votes —and one of those councilmen has since retired.
That vote alone should have told them that the best way forward wasn’t a fight, but cooperation. What lesson will they learn from the Supreme Court’s ruling?"

Been quite a while since the Flaggers sprinkled some of their trademark "pepper" on ol' Virginny. The truth is, the Flaggers aren't interested in cooperation or any kind of productive compromise in local communities. The only thing they're interested in is creating as large a public spectacle as possible to "get even".

(Image courtesy of GoDanRiver)

Restoring the honor!


  1. Sigh. The HPA is not the VaFlaggers. The VaFlaggers are not the HPA. They work together sometimes, but they are two different organizations.

    1. Yes, we understand that. Flaggers weren't mentioned by name, but their project was specifically mentioned, therefore, the Flaggers were mentioned. The HPA isn't really raising flagpoles around the Danville area, the Flaggers are. Additionally, technically speaking, the HPA folks are also Virginia Flaggers, just like me and Jason Sulser, remember? Or do you need a refresher?

    2. Not mentioned by name? You named them in the flippin' subject of the post....

      You are not a Flagger. Sulser is not a Flagger.

    3. Anyone can be a Flagger based upon the vague criteria.

  2. It seems to me that as Chastain claims she does not speak for the Flaggers that we can dismiss her as a source of any consequence.

  3. Sure you can, Simpson. But you won't.

    1. You're a source of amusement. It's easy to ridicule Confederate heritage advocates by highlighting your behavior. But as an accurate source of information ... your track record there is not promising.

      Must be frustrating to be the butt of so many jokes. Take heart: you've earned that position.


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