Countdown to Meltdown: 11 days and counting...

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And here's a shocker, the polls are starting to tighten.

Restoring the honor!



    ""To have a fighting chance in this election of getting to 270 electoral votes, he has to win North Carolina, Ohio and Florida. If he does win all three that still gives him only 253 electoral votes," said Ford O'Connell, a GOP strategist. "The biggest problem for the Trump campaign is overall, where are you going to get 270? He basically almost has to run an inside straight and almost has to have them all fall into his hands.""

    Folks, I'll say it again, this was always going to end close. No one knows what scenario materializes on Election Day. Electoral College math is already in Clinton's favor though. She has to protect less states to win, while Trump has to work harder for his. I think Trump takes Ohio. North Carolina and Florida? I think they are toss-ups, Clinton technically doesn't need either state to win, Trump needs both. If Clinton can hold PA and VA, she doesn't even need the states Trump absolutely has to have to win.

  2. If Clinton wins, Trump doesn't lose. The USA loses....


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