Can I get a witness?

(Images courtesy of Facebook)

If y'all saw anything, y'all get in touch with Mr. Lyons now, ya hear?

Restoring the honor!


  1. I would expect you to be contemptuous of the judicial process ... at least, in the defense heritage folks. How long before you'll be advocating to rescind their constitutional rights?

    1. What grounds will the forthcoming potential lawsuit be on? Violating his 1A rights?

      As was pointed out by a University Police Department Rep, the Heritage folks are the ones who aren't respecting the rule of law. Y'all don't like to follow rules, and everything y'all do is geared towards manufacturing a controversy. Y'all talk about "Blue Lives Matter" then you turn around and throw a hissy fit because you can't follow rules and are knowingly breaking the rules and disrespecting the authority of the Police. Y'all reap what you sow.


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