Brisk Business: Jerry Dunford, Sr. says that each Virginia Flaggers hate flag installation costs between $20k-$30k...

(Images courtesy of Facebook)

Take it from ol' Jerry, hate flaggin' is expensive business, and brother, business is booming'

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

It's a good thing for Sky High Poles.

Restoring the honor!


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    1. That depends on who you talk to. I have no doubt the Flaggers are installing these cheaper than that, but, I did price a project of similar size and scope of what the Flaggers are doing myself, and that's almost exactly the range I came up with. Obviously, with Tommy Goddard's Sky High Poles doing the pole work, the Flaggers are probably getting this done for a lot less, but the fact remains, this stuff isn't cheap. There is a lot of money being both raised and spent on this project, that's undeniable. You know what else is undeniable? There's no transparency. I find it interesting that most Flagger/Heritage groups register as non-profits, while the Virginia Flaggers do not appear to have done that. The reasons for that could be many, but one major benefit of not registering as a non-profit is the ability to hide financials from the public. That's just a simple fact.

    2. Money being raised and spent ... how dastardly.

    3. Just curious, how much goes to Virginia and the Fed? Y'all aren't on that Trump tax plan, are you?

    4. I don't think that's any of your business.

      I know how much is usually spent on raising a flag because I asked.

    5. I'd say an audit is in order, but that's just me...

      Hey did you hear about Tripp's day in court? The report back that I received was absolutely hilarious.

      My only regret was that I couldn't have been there to witness it myself.


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