BREAKING NEWS!: Virginia Supreme Court will not rehear flag case appeal...

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Via GoDanRiver:

"The Virginia Supreme Court announced Friday it will not rehear an appeal of a local judge’s decision — a ruling that will keep the Confederate flag off of the Sutherlin Mansion’s front lawn.
The court upheld Danville’s removal of a Confederate flag from a monument on the grounds of the historic Main Street building, according to a news release from the city. 
The Heritage Preservation Association had petitioned for a rehearing before the full court after a three-judge panel of the court ruled in June that it found “no reversible error in the judgment” of Danville Circuit Judge James J. Reynolds.
“I am pleased the Virginia Supreme Court finds no problems with the ordinance adopted by City Council limiting which flags could be flown on public property,” City Attorney Clarke Whitfield said Friday. “I wish to thank attorney Jeremy Carroll for representing the city in this case.”"

Restoring the honor! 


  1. Let me get some cheese before the whine kicks in.

    The use of the William Wallace quote is hilarious. For a group of people to call themselves a minority which was created for the express purpose of denying equality to a minority is just idiotic, but then what does one expect from the warped world of the confederate heritage people?

    Let's face facts.
    1. The CBF is a racist symbol.
    2. The people that want to fly it are for the most part racist.
    3. The people that want to fly it who are not racist are ignorant of history.
    4. Most Americans do not want a racist symbol to be flown or shone by their government on all levels.
    5. The Flaggers are failures. They cannot change the minds of people with their lies.
    6. The Flaggers have lost in court because they do not have facts to support their lies.
    7. I'm smiling and laughing at the ineptness of the Flaggers.
    8. It's a nice day, isn't it?
    9. My glass is half-full.
    10. Trump will lose the election.

  2. Correcting Dimmy's delusions:

    1. The CBF is no more a racist symbol than the US flag is.
    2. The people who want to fly it are no more racist than the people who fly the US flag.
    3. Most of the people who want to fly it are no racist, and they are as knowledgeable about history as the average American.
    4. Most Americans have no proble with the racist US flag being flown or shown (not shone, Dimmy) by the government.
    5. The Flaggers are winning. They are changing people's minds with the truth.
    6. The Flaggers have lost in court because our government, including the courts, have been appropriated by the destructive left which is out to destroy American history and culture.
    7. You're smiling and laughing because inappropriate laughter is a symptom of any number of maladies you might have, from alcohol intoxication to Tourette syndrome....
    8. It's nice where I live; it's not so nice along the east coast.
    9. Your glass is half full of what? Alcohol?
    10. Either Trump will win, and the country will be saved for a while, or Hillary will win, the country will go under, and Americans will suffer greatly...

    1. You violated the rules of having a discussion. Therefore, I will not engage in a discussion with you. The CBF is a racist symbol and nothing you say can change that. So stop your lying and you can then begin to participate in the conversation. Until then, shut up.

    2. Connie...remind me again when the US flag flew over armies that were fighting game to protect slavery?

    3. "Most Americans have no proble with the racist US flag being flown or shown (not shone, Dimmy) by the government."

      Problem, not "proble," Chastain.

  3. More evidence to the corruption of our courts...

    1. This is a very fine cheddar. It goes well with your whine, KKKonnie.

    2. Dimmy, have you got anything of adult, intelligent substance to add, or is an eye-rolling, tired, worn-out cliche' the best you got?

    3. Can you use facts instead of making up more lies? If not, all you are doing is whining, lying, and denying like you always do. That places you outside the discussion. You should be used to that by now. It's where the heritage movement is now...outside the discussion and failing to meet its goals.

    4. Well, you're responding to me, so I must be in the discussion. I provide facts but you won't read them. You're skeered to.

    5. YOu didn't provide facts. You just lied as usual. So no discussion.


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