Blue Lives kinda matter, sometimes...

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Our boys in Blue needn't worry. The Flaggers have your back. That is, until they don't anymore. All you have to do is pretty much always give them what they want, so that they never have to throw a hissy fit, and you'll be ok!

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Choices... Choices...

Restoring the honor!


  1. Their choice is enemy dependent. But, in the end... we know where they'd rather be.

  2. Well, duh. When cops do their job, we support them. When they become instrumental in turning the land into a police state, no more support. Is that too complex for y'all to understand?

    1. Hole getting deeper. So you don't support police when they do their jobs when it's inconvenient for you. Got it. What laws, rules and regs do you respect? By the way, this is no revelation to us.

    2. Do you understand what a "police state" is?

    3. Is gunning down blacks part of their job Connie?

    4. Ridiculous question, Corey. Of course not.

    5. Corey, Sledge, Jacob, do y'all know what a police state is? Here, lemme tell you. "A nation in which the police, especially a secret police, summarily suppresses any social, economic, or political act that conflicts with governmental policy."

      This is what happened at the Ole Miss football game, btw.

      "Gunning down blacks" by the police doesn't happen often, that's a myth based on the ultra-publicizing of certain police shootings... but it isn't always an accurate description, Corey.

      Unfortunately, police misconduct does happen, but supporting the police doesn't mean supporting that. Hope that isn't too complex for you to process...

    6. Secret Police...they guy in the image is wearing a bright yellow vest that says "POLICE"...and he took a flag on a stick from a student who had a flag on a stick...which is not allowed.

      You are trying to imply something that, in this case, is not even remotely true.

    7. He did a lot more than that.

      Corey, did you happen to see this: "A nation in which the police, especially a secret police..." Two different kinds -- one is just the police and one is the secret police. Don't play dumb... or maybe you aren't playing.... Besides, I didn't say we are a police state yet ... only that actions like those taken by Ole Miss will help establish it...

    8. What actions are those? Enforcing rules that have been in place since the 90's and state and federal law? Wha-wha-wha-what?

    9. Violating the First and Fourth Amendments. Those trump stadium rules.

    10. You know what will settle the argument? Legal action by Mr. Wood. Let me know how that goes.


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