Are homosexuality and Confederate Heritage incompatible?

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Via FITS News:

"Anyway … at the heart of the far left, government-driven “groupthink” pushing our nation off the cliff of sanity (we’re clearly already over the cliff of fiscal responsibility) are stereotypes every bit as deplorable as, well, those ostensibly held by the “deplorables.”
One of these stereotypes?  That all supporters of the Confederate flag are intolerant racists, xenophobes and homophobes.
Some of them are, for sure … but not all of them.
In fact, we’re told the leader of one of South Carolina’s most successful pro-flag groups will be releasing a statement early next week confirming what the organization’s leadership already knows – that he is an open and practicing homosexual.
And has been for many years …
“There’s no ‘coming out’ here, there is no closet for him to come out of – he’s always been out,” an advisor to the group told us.  “What’s worth pointing out is that flag backers – who are presumed to be bigots in every sense of the word – don’t care that he’s gay.”
That is interesting.  Surprising even.
We’re not yet at liberty to disclose the name of the individual in question – or the name of the group he is affiliated with – but several of the organization’s leaders reached out to us this week to confirm the “bombshell” announcement was coming.
They also told us the leader had the “unanimous support” of his board moving forward."

Folks, there's no bombshell here. There are gay people everywhere you go in this world. Who cares if the leader of a Confederate Heritage group is gay? Certainly not the Left. Certainly not me. No folks, the problem isn't the Left at all, and having a gay person at the helm of a Heritage group is not going to insulate them from any charge, if the charge is factual. It looks like it's not the Left at all that they're going to have a problem with, but backwoods Southerners who want to continue to live in the stoneage. 

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The sad thing here, is that they somehow think that homosexuality is some kind of magic shield that protects them from whatever bad name people are going to call them. Y'all already tried that, remember? "Heritage Not Hate". 

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I tell you what. When this "mystery leader" finally realizes that all of the things we are saying about the Heritage movement are absolutely true, they can spill all the beans here:

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Restoring the honor!


  1. More examples of the infighting between ignorant people over stupidity.

    1. The Heritage movement either doesn't know or doesn't care to know about this, if they did, their Christian beliefs would require them to denounce this person's homosexuality, that's why they aren't going to touch this, because it's a lose/lose situation for them. The only people I've seen talking about this are the LOSers, who have had an ongoing backroom beef with the as yet unnamed leader for a while anyway.

  2. The circular firing squad that is Confederate heritage continues.

    Waiting for Chastain/"Polly Graff" to chime in. She's a beacon of tolerance.

    1. The official announcement is supposedly being made next week, my question is, why? No one on the Left cares if a leader of a Heritage group is gay, because being gay isn't an issue for the Left. The Left's problem with Heritage stems from two issues:

      1) They're liars who have created an alternate reality/history to sell to the public.

      2) They associate with, hold the same beliefs as, and refuse to condemn hate groups and hate group members.

      Although I've removed the name of the leader until the official announcement is made, it's not that hard to figure out who he/she (or whatever) is. While no one cares one iota about his/her sexuality or gender identification, we do care about why the leader associates with people who are very clearly Nazis. This big announcement is really just a BIG FAIL. Not only does it do absolutely nothing in relation to the Left, it just further proves that we are right because the Right is predictably demonstrating their hate and intolerance.


  4. Cat is out of the bag.

    Again, Mr. Bessenger's sexuality has nothing to do with Heritage. What I will say is that I've seen little (and I mean very little, like a few messages) to no support from the Heritage folks.

    1. "James Bessenger said he had received threats from people in other Southern heritage groups about his sexuality for more than a year and decided to speak publicly about his private life Monday."

      Precisely. How ironic that a gay man would be the one to attempt to paper over the Heritage communities hate of gay men.

    2. Waiting for a Chastain novel to get to the bottom ... of the subject.


    "“I have no doubt that the term ‘rainbow confederate’ will be thrown around in response,” Bessenger said. “To those individuals I say only this: You say that like it’s a bad thing.”"

    Bessenger is trying to redefine "Rainbow Confederate" in a way that it was never really defined as before, as if the slur was only meant for gay people, that's just false. I too use the term Rainbow Confederate, but it does not have anything to do with his or anyone else's sexuality, it has to do with the false narrative the Heritage community has created of how inclusive they are when in reality they aren't. Even now, Bessenger's publicity stunt is backfiring as Heritage folks are either completely ignoring this story (because being gay is antithetical to their "Christian" beliefs) and/or attacking him for being gay. The majority of those attacking Bessenger are LOSers, who Bessenger already has a history of cat fighting with. The problem is the LOSers don't like competition as secessionists. Bessenger has never played well with the LOSers, and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out who is sending him threats. Overall though, since this big story broke, no one in the Heritage community has really had anything to say about it. Trust me, they just want to pretend they don't even know who Bessenger is.


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