With only 18 days left in their crowdsourcing campaign, will ACTBAC come up with the cash for their first hate flag?

(Image courtesy of Fundly)

The Virginia Flaggers copycat group known as ACTBAC has been attempting to raise the necessary cash for their 23 planned hate flags, which are to be raised along interstates in North Carolina. With only 18 days left in their Fundly campaign, the group has raised $825 of the estimated $28,000. No wonder these losers are holding a fundraiser today.

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Will ACTBAC come through for "Heritage", or will they be just another in a long line of Confederates failures? The group has promised to raise the first of 23 hate flags in October. With the deadline quickly approaching, will a lack of funding throw a monkeywrench into their pipe dream? Stay tuned...

Foo Fighters - Monkeywrench

Restoring the honor!


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