White Lives Matter Nazis have a Cross-B-Que with the Texas Rebel Knights...

(Image courtesy of YouTube)

Folks, no sooner did I share this video below, and give it a thumbs down on YouTube, the Nazis deleted it. That's right you pathetic pukes, we've got your number, and we have your names, faces, addresses, dates of birth, etc., etc., etc... 

Folks, just remember, people like Chastain are fighting us, fighting Nazis. They want the Nazis to succeed, which is why they let them have their rag and Heritage to do as they please. Pathetic. Chastain can waste her breath here, while Nazis use her rag, and she does nothing.

(Images courtesy of Facebook)

Folks, don't forget, the White Lives Matter Nazis have a protest of the ADL coming up, and they are totally pumped!

Can I get a Sieg Heil? (Images courtesy of Facebook)

Don't worry folks, no Nazis to see here...

Ah no, FUCK YOU NAZI! (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Restoring the honor!


  1. Folks, the Nazis literally deleted this video within a minute or two of me thumbs downing it on YouTube.

  2. Turns out this event was hosted by the Aryan Nationalist Alliance.


    One of Heimbach's goons named Chris Johnson (of Crowley, Texas) was there repping the Traditionalist Workers Party.


  3. Always such nice people. They're just downhome people. Ain't lookin' to hurt no one.

  4. How many people of adult age are in this country? 240,000,000.

    How many klansmen, skinheads, nsm, etc, are there? 2,000? 3,000?

    3,000 out of 240,000,000 - 1 in 80,000.

    1. How many Nazis were there in 1933? How many Nazis were there in 1945?

      I think you're missing the point, and I cant help but think it is on purpose. Unless you are one who believes that racism is no big deal, it's illogical why you would make excuses for Nazis. Y'all (Heritage) can sit by and pretend there is no problem, and do nothing, and allow the problem to metastasize, but be warned, y'all are going down with the ship too. Y'all have a choice to make, choose wisely. If y'all can't recognize the damage y'all've already done by being complicity silent, then perhaps y'all will never get it. You are using faulty rationale.

    2. BR - Interesting logic.

      How do you know how many klansmen, skinheads, nsm, etc.. there are?

      But, it takes only one, right? Be wary of them all. Because all it takes is one.

    3. Mike Pence won't call David Duke deplorable. Sounds familiar...

    4. What about ole Bill Ayers?
      Will Obama (or Hillary) call him deplorable?

      Two sides of the same coin:

      Bill Ayers

      Dylann Roof

    5. "How do you know how many klansmen, skinheads, nsm, etc.. there are?"

      Notice that I used a "?" mark.
      I recall that number (2000-3000) from some article.

    6. Tell the truth, Jacob, if you're capable of it. Pence said he won't NAMECALL, period.

      BR, and I've read that 10-20% the KKK are informants....

      So how many people attended the burning, Jacob? How many are in that photo? Five, six?

      Jacob, the Nazis in the 30s and 40s were educated. They understood business, economics, politics... These pathetic losers you post pictures of look like high school dropouts. Not the same, and if you can't see that, you're as dumb as they are. And if you CAN see it, but you're trying to present them as some kind of significant threat, you are worse than a liar....

    7. https://news.vice.com/article/this-kkk-guy-tried-to-build-an-x-ray-weapon-to-kill-muslims-and-obama-feds-say

      No threat folks. Not deplorable. Welcome to the mind of a Flagger. I bet you're upset he was nabbed.

    8. 1) Cop out.

      2) I doubt you can provide a reliable source for that. You probably read that on a white supremacist website.

      3) Well I have many more photos of this event you haven't seen, including one of a Traditionalist Workers Party organizer giving a straight arm salute. That would be one of harmless Heimbach's buddies. I didn't count them all, but I'd estimate less than 50 but more than 25. You two seem to be making the point that since there aren't large numbers of these folks, somehow, that makes them not dangerous, tell that to the FBI, I can assure you they would disagree.

      4) Educated or uneducated, equally as dangerous.

  5. Chastain would like you believe that white supremacists aren't harmful or dangerous ... and she wants you to believe that white supremacy isn't harmful or dangerous.

    I wonder why.


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