What Hath Susie Wrought?: The SCV Land Grab...

I told you folks. Susie and company are the template all of the others are following. Instead of a victory, they are raising flags of surrender all across the South and calling it victory. How pathetic. Lest we forget that Susan isn't an innovator.

(Images courtesy of Facebook)

"They'll remember that they're in Dixie, and they need to mind their manners."

Restoring the honor!


  1. Hehehehe, I just LOVE it when you get pissed off, Jacob....

    1. This summarizes the only source of joy in Chastain's life: her fantasies about other people hating or getting angry. Never mind whether that's actually the case. :)

    2. Simpson, you fantasize, and post your fantasies, about my anger all the time. I will simply note you know nothing about my life... I will also note that your blog, and Jacob's, clearly showcase the motive behind y'all's attacks on Susan and the VaFlaggers.

      Just outta curiosity, why are you hanging around on Jacob's comment threads? Your own blog isn't sufficient for bearing false witness?

    3. Seems you hang out here a lot. Guess that's because you don't have it in you to blog any more, but you're not happy at home. Sad. We can cast aside your comments about your health as bogus, because otherwise you wouldn't be here.

      So tell us more about how we hate people. :)

    4. It's obvious that y'all hate people. I'm not blogging because I'm working on several other projects.

      My health is fairly good; that's why I'm recovering on schedule from two major surgeries performed at the same time.

      My hubs gave me a new laptop for my birthday some weeks back, and got me a rolling "overbed" table so I can use my laptop while I recover. I still can't sit up at my computer desk for more than a few minutes. I'll be glad when I can.

      Simpson, there is sooooooo much you don't know, and it is really comical when you pretend you do.

    5. Brooks works in reality. I don't think he or I are interested in your fictional delusion. So in that regard you know a lot, but what you know is not real.

    6. Clearly your belief that people hate you keeps you warm and snug at night.

      If you're going on at length here, you could be blogging. Maybe you've figured out that you are a liability to your cause. That's happened before. Or maybe someone close to you told you that you were hurting Confederate heritage.


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