What Hath Susie Wrought?: Is a hate flag coming soon to Lithia Pinecrest Road?

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Apparently so. Looks like the hate flag epidemic is spreading again.

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Apparently, Lithia Pinecrest Road is about to get a whole lot uglier. 

(Image courtesy of Google Maps)

Let's give thanks to the woman who is making this all possible.

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Remember folks, give generously, and offer your gratitude to the giant who paved the hate flag way.

The Beastie Boys - Gratitude

Restoring the honor!


  1. If their logo, grammar, and punctuation are anything to judge them by, I don't believe they'll get very far.

    Seriously. Is that supposed to be a road caution sign of some sort? The yellow diamond, the guy holding the flag out to the side... Is he waving me on? Does his raised arm mean for me to stop?

    OH! Flaggers! Roadside flaggers. I get it now. This is all satire. Well done, Hillsborough Florida "Flaggers". Well played.


    1. Is that left hand a black power fist? So confused.

    2. They stand with Kaepernick.

      Or they're cheering. So many mixed signals.


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