The Softball Game: NBC 12's Chris Thomas uses his trusty old standby, the Virginia Flaggers, again...

Virginia Flagger suck-up Chris Thomas interviews Barry Isenhour. (Image courtesy of NBC 12)

I don't believe that anything this gentleman churns out should be labeled as "news". Propaganda? Yes. News? Ummm, no. Via NBC 12:

""I think that Mr. Trump would be the kind of commander who would allow the generals in the field to make decisions," said Barry Isenhour with the Virginia Flaggers. "Now their hands are tied."
"I might have to vote for a Yankee," said Isenhour with a smile who says one big issue is driving his decision. "Veterans' issues. He's very strong, and as you know we are very strong in the veterans' issues.""

Chris Thomas, you should be ashamed of yourself. Why don't you ask Barry some real questions about who the Flaggers are and what they believe? Folks, the Virginia Flaggers are celebrating the "cause" of men who fought against our country. They were traitors. There is absolutely nothing honorable about killing your own brothers. If Thomas believes that the Virginia Flaggers should be given a megaphone over Veterans issues, when they are celebrating traitors who killed American soldiers, then I think he needs to go back to college. I seriously question the judgement of whoever is in charge of the NBC 12 newsroom, for allowing this obvious and disgusting pandering.

Restoring the honor!


  1. I hear that you get a free hot dog for voting for Clinton...


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