The Black Rebel retorts...

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Oh my. I bet the Black Rebel hasn't read this yet.

Restoring the honor!


  1. "and at you know where you can shove one too we are far from acquaintances." Andrew Duncomb

    Folks, Duncomb is under the impression (apparently) that I am giving people the impression that we are in some way linked, or working together, or whatever. I guess he believes Horky then, because I'm not claiming anything of the sort. As a matter of fact, I recall Duncomb sending me a snotty email saying the exact opposite. Duncomb apparently has no interest in actually doing anything about the problem at hand. All for show folks, all for show.

  2. Yawn ... and people should care about this because....????

  3. I agree. We should care much more about how the queen of Confederate heritage hangs out with rapists and Klan fans.

  4. Don't forget kidnappers. Remember the Baumann case?

  5. I wonder whether the Flaggers expose their children to such people. Then I recall that Tripp Lewis is a Flagger.

    1. Children WERE present at the event.

      The typical claim made by Heritage folks I've seen on social media is that they can't check the backgrounds of all of the people who come to their events.

      1) Priorities. - People make time for things that are important to them. We can infer that the safety of children is not a Flagger movement priority.

      2) There's too many people to vet them all. - Many of these events are planned over extended periods of time. At a minimum, they could run a name through Google or do a cursory glance over social media. We are led to believe the Flagger movement is both large and determined, but obviously not large enough or determined enough that one single person could volunteer a little time doing a modest check of backgrounds. Many of these events are organized on Facebook, and typically a Facebook event is created in which potential participants indicate that they are "Going". This is not an impossible task, it's just that their priorities seem to be out of wack. Safety of children should ALWAYS come first. We've now had two Flaggers in a short period of time exposed, how many more must it take before they change the way they operate?

      3) They can't stop them from coming. - Can't or won't? I sure as hell would do everything in my power to stop pedos from coming to MY event. (See #1, Priorities)

      That this gentleman (and I use that term very loosely) was used by the Flaggers as an example of someone who "inspires" them makes me want to vomit. The truth is, they don't care what types of people come to their events so long as there are a lot of them. If you're black, you're elevated to God-like status. Black Confederates are the Holy Grail of the Heritage movement. Without their few token blacks waving the rag, how will they ever fool the public?

    2. I should clarify, the previous comment is in relation to Ryan Lee Venable, not Dumbcomb.


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