Reader Submission: Alechia Daniell Nation and her "General", Steven Monk...

(Images courtesy of Facebook)

Creepily enough, Nation calls Monk her "General".

"General" Steven Monk in his Ku Klux Klan get-up. (Image courtesy of VK)

Restoring the honor!


  1. As we all know, Monk's also buddies with Hathaway and Chastain. So much for the notion that Confederate heritage advocates don't snuggle up next to white supremacists.

  2. How do you get that, Simpson? He's not on my friend list. Even when he was, we never communicated. I never saw his posts, presumably he didn't see mine. If he ever commented on my posts, his comments were completely forgettable.

    I'm not clairvoyant and never heard of VK or saw his profile there until Jacob posted it here. I've checked with others you victimize and lie about all they time, and they never heard of VK, either. A quick scroll-through of his FB newsfeeds show nothing KKK related. Your and Jacob's implication that we knew about him because of the KKK promotion stuff on his VK account is bearing false witness.

    1. "Your and Jacob's implication that we knew about him because of the KKK promotion stuff on his VK account is bearing false witness."

      I want to be clear about something, I am not implying that y'all knew that Monk was a Klansman. I find it really hard to believe that you didn't, but I'm not implying that you did. The point I'm making is what y'all do in the future. We'll be watching. Oh, and by the way, y'all are, or have been friends with, or have associated with, enough people of similar, or the same ideological bent for a pattern to be established. Your cries of "Wolf!" are going to start to fall on deaf ears. It's getting harder and harder to swallow your weak defenses. Maybe y'all should consider a change? Just a suggestion. Or not.

    2. Yes, that is EXACTLY what you are implying and have BEEN implying all along. Don't try to weasel out of it now.

      What we do in the future is probably what we have done in the past. I can a tell you right now, I do not comb people's newsfeeds, I can barely keep up with my own. You are the one obsessed with combing news feeds, ignoring what doesn't support what you want to promote, and then focusing on some minute coincidence as if it proves the smelly crap you're trying to sell.

      There is an event at Stone Mountain. Lots and lots of people attend. Susan is one of them. Monk is one of them. Lots of people climb the mountain. At the top, some people snap photos. In one of them, several people appear, among them Susan and Monk. You post that photo among KKK images taken from his VK account. Why? Well, I'll tell you why. To make a claim with images and to convince others with the same, that Susan knew about the images and thus knew about Monk's KKK promotion. Try to tell me that's not why you did it, just try.

      That is what your whole slimy, smelly blog is for. It's what you have done from the beginning. Now, this whole VK thing shows your slimy, smelly hand. Your credibility is shot. Any time anyone mentions this blog and I see it, they will find out about this blatant bearing of false witness -- and your totally unsuccessful attempt to weasel out of it...

      They'll find out about Simpson doing the same thing, too -- copying your false witness to his hate-blog...

    3. Suit yourself. Good luck with that.


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