Police release video showing Keith Lamont Scott walking backwards calmly with what appears to be no gun in hand...

Do you see a gun on the ground next to Mr. Scott? I don't.

Mr. Scott was walking backwards calmly in this frame. He does not appear to have a weapon in hand. Later frames of this same video show his right hand, visible here, bloodied. The police claim there was blood on the gun. 

Where is the gun???

Can anyone find the gun? The police sure can.

I don't see a gun, how about you? Watch the entire video here. Folks, this shit has to stop. Our police need to be held not to a higher standard, to the HIGHEST standard. I do not care what other evidence they introduce, my eyes don't lie, and this man is not holding a gun. Excellent commentary from the Washington Post's Eugene Robinson:

"If you are a black man in America, exercising your constitutional right to keep and bear arms can be fatal. You might think the National Rifle Association and its amen chorus would be outraged, but apparently they believe Second Amendment rights are for whites only.
In reaching that conclusion I am accepting, for the sake of argument, the account given by the Charlotte, North Carolina, police of how they came to fatally shoot Keith Lamont Scott on Tuesday. Scott's killing prompted two nights of violent protests that led Gov. Pat McCrory to declare a state of emergency. On Friday, police in Tulsa, Oklahoma, shot and killed Terence Crutcher — an unarmed black man — and the two incidents gave tragic new impetus to the Black Lives Matter movement.
Scott's relatives claim he was unarmed as well. But let's assume that police are telling the truth and he had a handgun. What reason was there for officers to confront him?
North Carolina, after all, is an open-carry state. A citizen has the right to walk around armed if he or she chooses to do so. The mere fact that someone has a firearm is no reason for police to take action."

Yeah. Exactly.

Restoring the honor!


  1. Folks, I am not saying that this man did not have a gun in his car or on his person at the time of the shooting, what I am saying is that in the videos I have seen, this man was walking backwards, calmly, and I do not see any gun. I don't see him raise his arms, act in a wild manner, he's not running, none of the things you'd expect to see in someone who is shot dead by police. Even if he had a holstered gun on his person at the time of the shooting, he's committing no crime.

    The facts are important here folks. The police cannot shoot this man for simply being "a bad guy with a long criminal record" (especially when they can't know that in two seconds without running his info for priors). Many of our heritage folk friends apparently think that not only do they have the right to do that, but that they should have done that. It is unclear if the police even had any reason at all to search or detain this man. Folks, both conceal carry and open carry are legal in the state of North Carolina.

    Folks, didn't you just love the aerial helicopter footage from Tulsa in which they exclaimed that Terrence Crutcher looked like a "bad dude"? Yeah, because from the air, you can tell who is a "bad dude".


    These fuckers are racist. Period. The police in this country are out of control.

  2. So the black cop is fucking racist?

    1. Yep. I knew one of you turds would come here and start spouting off some garbage like that. You think because that cops skin is black he doesn't work within a racist system which targets blacks disproportionately to whites? You think that when cops go to work every day, it's ok for them to profile "perps"? You reject factual statistics which show that even though whites are buying all of the illegal drugs, only blacks are being locked up? Yeah, the police are absolutely racist. It's proven by statistics, Justice Department investigations, and real world observations. White Supremacy is DONE. We're finishing it off now. If you don't like it, better start beating feet.

      Tell me something brainiac. What crime did this man commit? Do you know? Tell me what he did wrong.

  3. "Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police say that Keith Lamont Scott was holding a handgun – not a book – moments before he was shot and killed by an officer Tuesday afternoon.

    But one expert questions whether CMPD was justified in its initial interaction with Scott, even based on the police’s own version of events.

    In a statement released Wednesday morning, the city said that officers had come to the Village at College Downs apartment complex to serve an outstanding warrant.

    As they entered the complex, the police noticed Keith Lamont Scott, who was not the person they were trying to serve the warrant.

    According to a statement by CMPD Chief Kerr Putney, the officers “observed a subject, Mr. Keith Lamont Scott, inside a vehicle in the apartment complex. The subject exited the vehicle armed with a handgun. Officers observed the subject get back into the vehicle at which time they began to approach the subject.”

    Putney’s statement continued: “Officers gave loud and clear verbal commands, corroborated by witnesses, for the subject to drop the weapon.”

    Gregory Wallace, a law professor at Campbell University in Raleigh, said the city’s statement raises questions as to why police ordered Scott to drop his gun.

    In North Carolina, the open-carry of a handgun is legal. Concealed carry is also legal, so long as you have a permit.

    He said the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in 2013 that someone carrying a handgun does not give the police the ability to stop and search them or someone with them.

    That case also involved CMPD, when officers in the Eastway division stopped a group of men hanging out at a gas station six years ago. One of the men told the officers he had a handgun in a holster, which was legal. Believing there would be other guns present, the officers searched the other men, and found one man – Nathaniel Black – illegally carrying a handgun as a felon.

    His conviction was later overturned.

    “The mere possession of a handgun does not give the police probable cause or reasonable suspicion to briefly detain you for stop and frisk,” Wallace said. “The mere fact that you have a handgun isn’t enough – it’s legal in N.C.”

    Wallace said it’s possible the officers had reason to believe Scott was engaging in suspicious behavior. But Putney’s statement does not mention any factors other than his handgun."

    Read more here: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/local/crime/article103252767.html#storylink=cpy

  4. Hey turd I have had the police pull their weapons on me while I was carrying an AR 15 in my own front yard after a tornado in Mississippi an open carry state. I had not broken any laws but you can bet you sweet ass when the officer told me to put my hands up and don't touch the weapon I did just that and lived to talk to a smart ass like you. Were the police right in this fellas shooting we don't know yet, but you are quick to jump to conclusion. For each one of the case's you site where the police were wrong I can cite you 10 where they saved innocent lives by stopping suspicious persons.

    1. Jesse, you haven't detailed what crime this man committed, do you know?

    2. Saturday the Charlotte police released a dashcam video and a bodycam video of the incident as well as a very detailed written statement – all are below. Protestors gathered for a fifth day on Saturday to call for the release of the tapes. Scott’s wife also released a cell phone video of the incident – also below.

      The New York Times reported: “According to court records, Mr. Scott was born in South Carolina, was about six feet tall and weighed 230 to 250 pounds. While living in South Carolina in the 1990s, he was charged with a number of offenses including check fraud, aggravated assault and carrying a concealed weapon. Later, he moved to Texas where he shot and wounded a man in San Antonio in 2002, for which he was convicted and sentenced, in 2005, to seven years in prison. He was released in 2011.”


      “There have been numerous unconfirmed reports published in the media concerning this case. The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department has prepared the following case update to provide factual information about the officer-involved shooting.

  5. Two plain clothes officers were sitting inside of their unmarked police vehicle preparing to serve an arrest warrant in the parking lot of The Village at College Downs, when a white SUV pulled in and parked beside of them.

    The officers observed the driver, later identified as Mr. Keith Lamont Scott, rolling what they believed to be a marijuana “blunt.” Officers did not consider Mr. Scott’s drug activity to be a priority at the time and they resumed the warrant operation. A short time later, Officer Vinson observed Mr. Scott hold a gun up.

    Because of that, the officers had probable cause to arrest him for the drug violation and to further investigate Mr. Scott being in possession of the gun.

    Due to the combination of illegal drugs and the gun Mr. Scott had in his possession, officers decided to take enforcement action for public safety concerns. Officers departed the immediate area to outfit themselves with marked duty vests and equipment that would clearly identify them as police officers.

    Upon returning, the officers again witnessed Mr. Scott in possession of a gun. The officers immediately identified themselves as police officers and gave clear, loud and repeated verbal commands to drop the gun. Mr. Scott refused to follow the officers repeated verbal commands.

    A uniformed officer in a marked patrol vehicle arrived to assist the officers. The uniformed officer utilized his baton to attempt to breach the front passenger window in an effort to arrest Mr. Scott.

    Mr. Scott then exited the vehicle with the gun and backed away from the vehicle while continuing to ignore officers’ repeated loud verbal commands to drop the gun. Officer Vinson perceived Mr. Scott’s actions and movements as an imminent physical threat to himself and the other officers. Officer Vinson fired his issued service weapon, striking Mr. Scott. Officers immediately rendered first aid and requested Medic to respond to the scene.

    Homicide Unit Detectives interviewed multiple independent civilian witnesses at the scene and at police headquarters. Those witnesses confirmed that officers gave numerous loud verbal commands for Mr. Scott to drop the weapon and also confirmed that at no time did Mr. Scott comply with their commands.

    A lab analysis conducted of the gun crime scene investigators recovered at the scene revealed the presence of Mr. Scott’s DNA and his fingerprints on the gun. It was also determined that the gun Mr. Scott possessed was loaded at the time of the encounter with the officers. The investigation also revealed that Mr. Scott was wearing an ankle holster at the time of the event.

    Attached are photos of the gun, ankle holster and marijuana “blunt” in Mr. Scott’s possession at the time of the incident. Additionally, links to the portion of the digital mobile video recorder (dash-cam) and body worn camera footage that capture the time of the shooting are included below.

    The body worn camera illustrates the footage from the moment it was turned on until officers began rendering first aid to Mr. Scott

    The dash-cam footage is from the time in which the officer operating the car with the dash-cam video arrives on the scene until officers began rendering first aid to Mr. Scott

  6. Watching a video is not like seeing everything that's on-scene, and everything that's going on. You can't see what's outside the camera's frame.

    Your deep, religious faith in internet video and images is the colossal flaw of your blog, and of your judgmentalness....

    1. If the gun is in his hand, it sure doesn't look like it in the video. I don't see it on the ground. Where is it? Is it in the alleged ankle holster. Did you see him raise his arms at any point in the video in a threatening manner? I didn't. He wasn't moving quickly, and he wasn't acting erratic.

  7. Here is why I don't believe the cops. Originally, the cops never mentioned marijuana, that is, until people started questioning their probable cause. I believe Scott was in the possession of the marijuana and the gun. I believe the gun was his. I do not buy the story that they stopped him because they saw the marijuana first. I think this is a case of making the crime fit the punishment.




  8. Another Muslim mass murderer; Cascade Mall near Seattle; five dead, four of them women, one a teenager... At first the lyin' media called him "hispanic." Yeah, right, immigrated here from Juarez, Turkey.... So, how will Obama and the spin machine spin this?

    1. Workplace violence
    2. Shooter suffering depression
    3. Lack of opportunity for immigrants
    4. Emotional isolation, shooter didn't "fit in."
    5. Problem with girlfriend

    We know how. Any way possible to (2) protect Islam and (3) promote gun confiscation from law-abiding citizens.

  9. The police have concluded the police officer acted reasonably. I accept their findings despite the video footage which does not clearly show that he had a gun in hand. One additional, very important piece of info has now come out. Scott was a convicted felon, which means he had no legal right to be carrying a weapon. While his loss of life is regrettable, this man should not have been armed. He was breaking the law.


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