No Safe Spaces For Nazis: Georgia Klan Gathering CANCEELED!

(Image courtesy of VK)

A gathering organized by Klansmen and Nazis which was slated for October 1st has reportedly been cancelled! Via the Polk County Standard Journal:

"A Klu Klux Klan rally planned for Rockmart's Seaborn Jones Park on Oct. 1 has been called off according to a press release from the Rockmart Police Department. 
The release stated that Chris Bailey, who originally applied for and received a permit for the October rally for the International Keystone Knights at the park, asked in writing for his name to be withdrawn from the application allowing the organization to hold their event."  

(Image courtesy of the Polk County Standard Journal)

The piece goes on to add:

"Bailey asked for his name to be pulled from the permit earlier today. 
"Mr. Bailey indicated that he longer wanted his name to be associated with the planned event," the release from the Rockmart Police Department stated. "Mr. Bailey understood that, once the permit application was withdrawn, the permit would be revoked, and the event would be cancelled.  A copy of the written request to withdraw the application is available at Rockmart City Hall and the Rockmart Police Department.""

Awwwww shucks. Did we do that? Folks, I want to be perfectly clear. I am absolutely and completely, 100 percent INTOLERANT of Nazis organizing in our communities. If that makes me a bigot, ok, fine, I'm a bigot.

Restoring the honor!


  1. Maybe they were already at EMU.

    1. I'm not naive enough to think that these KKKlowns aren't going to gather somewhere else. I'm sure they will find some private piece of land way out in the sticks. That's the real victory here. As long as they are out of public sight, their message isn't being seen by the public.


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