Folks, we have decided to ban Border Ruffian. BR is constantly off topic and bringing up unrelated topics (probably for no other reason then to derail discussion). He or she contributes very little to the discussion and is apparently trying to use the comments as his or her own personal attack board. Chastain is on her last legs as well. I've felt for a very long time that Chastain contributes nothing to the discussion. We all know that the buck stops in Sandston (when it comes to the Flaggers) yet day in, and day out Chastain is here telling us that she doesn't speak for the Flaggers, while speaking solely for the Flaggers. It's time for Susan to put her big girl pants on and speak for herself. Nothing Chastain has to say about the Flaggers should be taken as anything more than her own personal opinion, which, in regards to the Flaggers means nothing. Thanks for your patience.

Restoring the honor


  1. Awwwwww... Your claims and viewpoints are crumbly and fragile, they cannot stand up to criticism and refutation, so criticism and refutation have to be banned... LOL -- the picture...the very definition of leftism...

    "Nothing Chastain has to say about the Flaggers should be taken as anything more than her own personal opinion..." Which I have been saying for years.

    "...contributes nothing to the discussion..." except criticism and refutation, which you and your blog aren't strong enough and right enough to withstand....

    1. Hey, guess what else has been banned? You! Take care Hagatha.

    2. Wonder what blog she will choose to clutter up with her rants now? Kevin pretty well banned her, Brooks only lets her post every now and then, Al is ignoring her, Andy has eviscerated her so badly over the last few years that I don't think she will go there, and you have finally shut her down here. She could blog on her own pages, but she has such a limited audience (in oh so many ways) that her rants will only be part of her echo chamber of ignorance.

      She might try to use an alias, but who knows? One very important thing though. When Trump gets defeated in November, let her post so we can see her squawks of denial about that.

  2. BR's disappearance solves his/her inability to stay on topic. S/he will have to find another outlet.

    We all look forward to the return of Backsass. In the meantime Chastain can devote her full energy to her current projects. I wish her the best.


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