Hate Not Heritage: Virginia Flaggers skewered in new Daily Beast article...

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Author Kevin Levin has written one of the best articles I've ever read about the Virginia Flaggers, which neatly summarizes why we believe that their cause is not about "Heritage", as they insist, but hate. Levin recounts the groups first five years, a shattered trail of failure and shady connections to all sorts of "deplorable" individuals. Via the Daily Beast:

"In the face of these defeats the Flaggers chose to take the offensive by buying small plots of land along Virginia highways for their Confederate battle flags. The raising of the first flag along I-95, just south of Richmond, received a good deal of media attention. Hathaway hoped that these flags would serve as a “living, breathing memorial to our Confederate dead.” Increased publicity, however, brought the Flaggers into closer contact with individuals whose interests in the Confederate battle flag extended far beyond commemorating the dead. In 2012 the Flaggers were photographed parading with Matthew Heimbach. Heimbach was the founder of Towson State’s White Student Union and Towson’s Youth for Western Civilization. In 2014 he became the League of the South’s training director and is considered by the Southern Poverty Law Center to be the “new face of white nationalism.”
In response to the twin defeats in Lexington, the Virginia Flaggers raised a battle flag on the property of Raymond Agnor along I-81, just north of the city. Shortly after the flag raising, Agnor took out an ad in a local newspaper stating in no uncertain terms that, “No black people or democrats are allowed on my property until further notice.” “I don’t want them on my property,” he went on to say, “because I have seen what they did in Baltimore and Ferguson and other places.” While the Flaggers refused to respond to the controversy at the time there is every reason to believe that they share Agnor’s racial outlook.
The Confederate battle flag raised in Stafford County near Fredericksburg, Virginia is located on the property of Hubert Wayne Cash, who believes that “all blacks are a worthless bunch of freeloading, dangerous animals that should be put down like the dogs that they are.” He goes on, but you get the idea."

This is all exactly right and 100 percent accurate. To date, I have found no evidence that Hathaway disagrees with the cast of characters she surrounds herself with, nor can I recall a single instance in which she denounced any of these deeply deplorable scumbags. Great job Mr. Levin. The Flaggers by the way, are currently looking for a parcel of land, a stones throw away from Washington DC for a new hate flag. In the meantime, the Flaggers have decided to keep their flags flying on the properties of Mr. Agnor and Mr. Cash. How disgusting. No wonder Susan Hathaway is apparently in the basket.

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