Hate Not Heritage: Steven Monk listed on permit for undercover Klan gathering...

Confederate Heritage activist Steven Monk. (Image courtesy of VK)

Via ATL Antifascist Notes.

(Images courtesy of ATL Antifascist Notes)

Susan Hathaway's mountain climbing bud Steven Monk (see below) will be in good company at this "White Christian" gathering.

Grand Dragon Greg "Thor Henderson" Calhoun. (Image courtesy of VK)

Read more here. Via It's Going Down:

"Please call or email the following parties to express your concern:
1 City of Rockmart main office: 770-684-5454, rockmart-ga.gov
2 Rockmart Mayor Stephen A. Miller, smiller@rockmart-ga.gov (call main Rockmart number, request transfer)
3 City Manager Jeff L. Ellis, jellis@rockmart-ga.gov (call main Rockmart number, request transfer)
4 Trailhead Offices, 678-883-9024, trailhead@rockmart-ga.gov (The Silver Comet Trail runs along Seaborn Jones Park where the Klan event will be held, warn them of threat to trail users.)
5 Parks & Recreation, 678-757-1001. Jeff Hulsey, Coordinator: jhulsey@rockmart-ga.gov
Be persistent and call/email every day until the event is canceled.

Talking points:
1 The International Keystone Knights of the KKK gathering is being advertised as a “White Christian” gathering “for god race nation”.
2 Klan organizers renting all the pavilions at Seaborn Jones Park will in effect turn a public park into segregated whites-only space.
3 Authorities in Rockmart have behaved disgracefully by not warning the public of the blatantly white supremacist, Klan event which is approaching.
4 Another neo-Nazi event–the large “Hammerfest” gathering hosted by the Hammerskin Nation–will occur in Draketown, GA on the same day. Draketown and Rockmart are just 25 minutes apart. It is likely that the Rockmart KKK event will attract neo-Nazi militants who are driving to Draketown later in the day. This further increases the danger of the Rockmart event.
Additional Background:
A recently-obtained permit for the International Keystone Knights event lists five people as “responsible parties” for October 1st event in Rockmart. Four of these five individuals are clear Klan or neo-Nazi organizers. Our previous story on the Rockmart event discussed Gregory Todd Calhoun, who was once part of the (neo-Nazi) Aryan Nations and now leads the International Keystone Knights within Georgia. The name “Stephen Monk” on the permit is presumably an alternative spelling of Steven Monk, a neo-Confederate who has recently gone public about his affiliation with the Klan. Heath Bearden displays his Blood Drop Cross (KKK symbol) tattoo prominently on his Facebook profile. As well as being the main applicant on the Seaborn Jones Park permit, Christopher William Bailey has been pictured (alongside Greg Calhoun and Steven Monk) in a photo of a June 2016 National Socialist Movement “meet and greet” gathering in Georgia which was posted to the NSM website."

(Image courtesy of VK)

Susan Hathaway and the rest of the Heritage movement could easily come out and condemn Steven Monk once and for all, for his dual involvement in the Ku Klux Klan and Confederate Heritage, but I doubt they will.

Susan Hathaway, Alechia Nation, Steven Monk and Billy Bearden ascend the birthplace of the second
 era Ku Klux Klan to celebrate their "Heritage". (Image courtesy of Facebook)

It's really easy folks, all you have to do is say that this is deplorable.

Oh look. A LOSer flag. (Image courtesy of the National Socialist Movement)

Restoring the honor!


  1. I just wish the Heritage movement could bring themselves to denounce these "freaks in sheets". It's just too painful for them though, I guess...

  2. These are the people you think are the equivalent of Hitler, Goering, Speer, Goebbels, Himmler, Hydrich, Eichmann, Hess, etc....

    1. Susan needs to be a big girl and come speak for herself. You're cut-off, but thanks for that non-denouncement.

    2. Wonder whether Chastain's going? After all, Monk and she are old friends. That's why she doesn't think he's quite Hitler (and thus, apparently, quite acceptable to her) ... she knows better.

    3. Impressive how Chastain can rattle off the names of so many Nazi leaders for someone who's so ignorant of history.

      Then again, like her, they too believed in white pride.

      You would think she was Matthew Heimbach.

  3. Susan has no interest in speaking to you, Jacob.

    "Monk and she are old friends. ...he's ... apparently, quite acceptable to her ... like her, they too believed in white pride"

    Bearing false witness has become habitual with you now, huh, Simpson? Does your conscience never bother you about it?

    "Impressive how Chastain can rattle off the names of so many Nazi leaders." Google is our friend.

    1. It's not me she needs to answer to, it's the public. They will look at the facts and make their judgements about her and her group based on the evidence, which at this point shows that repeatedly, she's declined to denounce people she associates with who are later found to have "deplorable" behavior and/or beliefs.

    2. The public are making their judgements about the flaggers and it is not good for the flaggers.

      Susan is willing to embrace anybody who will wave a CBF which shows she is really just another racist. People see that and are rejecting her and the flaggers as a result.

    3. Word's getting out;


    4. Yes, Google is our friend:


    5. Another example of Google as our friend:


    6. Remember the last time a Flagger/Flagger defender mangled a quote? Of course you do:


    7. I guess Chastain does not believe in white pride any more. Why the change of heart?

    8. Ole BrooKKKs

      The "anti-racist" who decided to live in a hotbed of racism...


    9. Showing your ignorance again, BR. But why so skeered about telling where you live? Can't lift the sheet over your head?

  4. When a poster uses a screen name that honors a white supremacist terrorist group that looked to defraud the political process to spread slavery, I'm not terribly concerned about his/her opinions about racial tolerance. After all, s/he's too skeered to say where s/he lives. No need to wonder why. Racists are cowards, after all.

    But it's not a surprise that Chastain likes him/her. Birds of a feather ...

    I've already documented that my neighborhood is more diverse than where Chastain lives. Thus BR, fresh from his/her condemnation of Chastain's feeble record as an author, now confirms that she's KKKonnie by his/her own criteria.

    Chastain might reassess her choice of sidekick.


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