Hate Not Heritage: Is celebrated Black Confederate activist Arlene Barnum literally a white supremacist?

(Images courtesy of Facebook)

Folks, no one is condoning or making excuses for the 17 year old minor who gave marijuana to a 3 year old child in the video, but you cannot stereotype an entire race of people based on the actions of individuals. Arlene Barnum too, represents the worst of this world. This woman is absolutely deplorable, and it puzzles me why groups like the Sons of Confederate Veterans recognize her with certificates and honorary memberships, etc.. What good has this woman ever done for the Heritage movement? None that I can see. This woman is a class-A racial arsonist. This post is absolutely to sow hatred for an entire racial group by another, and I am denouncing both the 17 year old depicted in this video, and Arlene Barnum for their equally despicable actions. Folks, people like this should be shunned by the Heritage movement, but instead, they are embraced as examples of honorable behavior. I'm going to throw up now.

Restoring the honor!


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