Hate Not Heritage: Confederate United Patriot Society appears to double down on KKKlown KKKonnections...

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Folks, do not panic. The Confederate United Patriots Society ARE NOT going to let their views be compromised. Come Klan or high Nazi, they are going to stand up for their "Heritage" just like all of the other closeted racists running around under the banner of the Confederacy. It was suggested to me that this group is just a Klan front. Given what we know, I'd say you can't rule it out just yet. Take for instance Jeremy Stapp.

Ol' Jeanette's never seen Jeremy like this before. Let me guess? She's used to seeing him in front of a flaming cross? (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Pretty normal looking, right? But that's the entire point folks. Take off the hoods and robes off of these KKKlowns and the Klan are normal looking.

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

KLASP and ORION are both Klan codewords. No one uses, or has any use for these acronyms but Klansmen. Folks, these fuckfaces aren't fooling anyone. 

Arlene Barnum and Bryant Hargroue of the Confederate United Patriots Society. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

No wonder their pal Auntie Ruckus is so adamant about how great the KKKlowns are. Folks, ask yourselves, "What is the Heritage community doing about this?" 

Oh yeah. That's cool! Bryant Hargroue and Shaun Winkler in Tupelo.
(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Nothing folks. Nothing. 

Pylon - Cool

Restoring the honor!


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