Black Confederate racial arsonist Auntie Ruckus throws gasoline on an already raging tire fire...

(Images courtesy of Facebook)

This is the same woman being given accolades by groups like the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

What they are rioting about is a system of white supremacy that your ancestors put in place. They are rioting over the fact that people like you think they are animals, and their lives are worth nothing. They are rioting over the fact that our politicians and society laugh while they live in poverty. They are rioting over the fact that they can't walk down the street without having to worry about being shot dead by a militarized police force who aren't trained to de-escalate. They are rioting over the fact that society demonizes drug dealers while drug users get a pass. They are rioting over food deserts. They are rioting over lack of jobs and education. They are rioting over the fact that America doesn't want to deal with issues that have been in the making for hundreds of years. They are rioting so that their voices can be heard. They are rioting because people like yourself are totally fucking oblivious to the entire world around you. That's why they are rioting, to be treated like human beings. America is going to deal with this problem, whether you like it or not.

Restoring the honor!


  1. Attitudes like these in the thread above are the epitome of white supremacy and ignorance so pervasive in our country today. No empathy whatsoever. No desire for peace. Bloodthirsty and full of hate.

  2. Every time there's a crisis, people come out of the woodworks claiming Obama's going to declare martial law in an attempt to stay President. Each time it doesn't happen. I wonder if they sit back and say "Well, hell, I was wrong. He didn't do it this time, either."

    1. Something I've noticed about the right wing echo chamber. When the talking heads talk, like Limbaugh for instance, they say things like "we" or "us". It is done purposely to give the impression that they are equals in some way, and since they are equals, what the talking head is saying can be trusted, because, you know? He's one of "us". Limbaugh in particular ran with this whole "low information voter" meme. The thing is, his audience ARE the low information voters. These folks are dumb. They believe everything the echo chamber tells them, as evidenced by the plethora of conspiracy theories you see bouncing around their pages. These dumb hicks really believe this shit because they have been brainwashed. I'm not even saying it to be partisan. I'd ask these morons to show me some of the conspiracies that played out. Microchipping all Americans? LOL! Chemtrails? Oh boy. Sandy Hook/Crisis Actors? Give me a break. No matter how many conspiracies never amount to anything, they keep eating this shit up like candy. These folks are lost. You're not going to change their mind because they really believe "white genocide" is happening, when in reality they are the ones to blame for white suicide. White supremacists are quickly becoming the world's biggest crybaby's.

  3. These people do not even come close to rational thought.


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