Basket of Deplorables: Buddy Blackburn's in the basket...

Nice choice of flag Buddy. Amongst the many things you will learn from this white trash is that the North fired on Fort Sumter. Ummm, yeah...

Buddy Blackburn. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Something tells me I've found my new favorite video channel...

The sad thing is that this IS the new normal in Trump's America.

Restoring the honor!


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    1. Although I'm no fan, it's still pretty cool that a Presidential candidate is reading the blog and calling out folks like Chastain and the Flaggers on the national stage. Connie, don't worry, you're in the basket too.

  2. Yeah, things were so much better for blacks before 1965. Yeesh.

    He's talking about people's smarts but he said the federal government fired on Sumter...

    Maybe he isn't aware that white people are also involved in the same lifestyle he deplores.

    1. He's just another bumpkin trying to exploit the national mood for his 15 minutes via YouTube videos. Probably thinks he's going to be the next Outlaw Morgan. I love that the flag still has creases in it. He just bought that puppy.

  3. "nappy-headed muslim" "2 sand-n******" "slope-headed, fish-eatin'" - Naw. He isn't racist. Right, Connie?

    Wait. I want to offer this to that "fake-racist" site or yours. Make sure we document it.

    1. I dunno, Scott. I didn't watch the videos.

    2. I think this guy is just a loudmouth looking for his 15 minutes. Donald Trump has broken the PC seal, so now racists that have been hiding their feelings are going to start opening up, and being more forthcoming about what hateful people they really are. They think that all the hate and rage they have been bottling up is now in style. It's behavior they learned from Daddy Donald.

  4. I didn't know the Virginia Flaggers have a educational program now...that must be where he done did his learnin' about the War of Northern Aggression. His facts are about a reliable as those tossed out by the flaggers.

  5. Lmao this guy doesn't even know history. What an un educated man


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